The Overwatch League has revealed the name of the team representing the Sunshine State: the Florida Mayhem.

Most pro teams for the competitive Overwatch environment have some special connection with their name, but there was no indication in the team’s announcement this time around. (Of course, Florida is also well-known for an entirely different kind of mayhem as is frequently demonstrated at the /r/FloridaMan subreddit.) The Mayhem are owned by the Misfits e-sports organization which also fields teams for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends. The team’s colors are yellow (in tribute to the Sunshine State), red (as a homage to their parent organization), and black (as a shout-out to the Miami Heat which invested in the Misfits Gaming organization that owns the Florida Mayhem). The team put out a short little promotional video showing off their logo in a tweet from their official account:

The team’s logo is a stylized red bomb with a letter M within. The bomb pulls double duty with a lit fuse that also happens to look like a palm tree. Quite appropriately, the Florida Mayhem will be represented amongst the cast of characters with a custom Junkrat skin. Junkrat dons the team’s red & gold with minor black accents throughout.

Overwatch League Florida Mayhem Junkrat

Florida Man deceptively rigs payload full of treasure with explosives, destroys Australian city.

The team’s name was revealed in a trademark filing in mid-October 2017, although speculation at the time was going with the team name “Miami Mayhem”. The Overwatch League will begin its preseason on December 6, 2017, with the inaugural season to follow next year beginning on January 10, 2018. You can stay apprised of the latest happenings with the team by following them on Twitter.

What do you think of the name and logo for this latest team for the league? Do you prefer the name Florida Mayhem or Miami Mayhem? What do you think of the team’s custom skin for Junkrat? Let us know in the comments below!

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