The official Overwatch League app is now available for iOS and Android devices according to the league’s Twitter account.

Blizzard Entertainment created the Overwatch League to be the premier eSports league for their first-person shooter Overwatch. The league currently features 12 teams, the majority of which are based in the United States. Blizzard created a companion app for the league which has a number of features that will make it easier to follow along with games as the league’s first season progresses.

overwatch league app screenshots

The Overwatch League app makes it easy to keep track of your favorite teams and catch up on any matches you might have missed.

The app opens with a request for your credentials, although they aren’t strictly necessary to actually make use of the app. You’re then prompted to choose whether you’d like the scores of matches to be visible as a form of spoiler-proofing.

Features are split into three main screens. The first screen shows you when the next match is coming up along with a list of videos you can watch in the app. The second screen has the match schedules listed in your local time along with the ability to set a reminder for the matches. The third and final screen allows you to view the standings in the league based on either Wildcard or Division settings. Additionally, you can opt to follow individual teams which will keep you apprised of their games and any interesting news about that particular team.

The Overwatch League preseason took place in early December; if you missed it, you can watch the VODs at the league’s website. You can download the Overwatch League app for Android via the Play Store and iOS via iTunes. The Overwatch League’s inaugural season commences on January 10, 2018.

What do you think of the Overwatch League app? Do you think it’s missing any critical features or does it have everything that it needs to? Let us know in the comments below!

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