The Overwatch 2017 Summer Games event is now live according to a tweet from the game’s official Twitter account. The page for the event on the game’s website showcases all of the new skins, highlight intros, and emotes that players have been looking forward to.

The 2017 Summer Games were announced earlier this month. A leak took place earlier today purporting to show a new Mercy skin which has now been confirmed as being part of the game. Of course, a trailer has launched to showcase some of the new goodies in this event as usual:

The patch notes for today’s launch of the Overwatch 2017 Summer Games is rather light in terms of actual changes to the game. A bug that allowed Reinhardt to push characters through walls as a result of a charge and a bug that allowed Sombra to reach unintended locations on Anubis have been fixed. Other than that, this patch has been centered around the launch of the event.

Lúcioball returns with a new arena set in Sydney, Australia and a limited competitive ladder for the game mode for the three weeks the event will be running. The official announcement of the event from last week noted that Lúcio’s event-specific Ultimate ability is changing in Lúcioball from how it worked last year. The Ultimate now increases your movement speed, reduces the cooldown on your boop, and increases your jump height for a short period of time. Furthermore, enemy players can no longer be booped.

Aside from the return of the boop-tastic version of soccer, seven new skins. seven new victory poses, two new highlight intros, and one new emote. Datamining of the event pre-launch suggested that we would be getting some items with a beach theme and that has come to pass. While the hopes of many (myself included) to be getting a lifeguard Mercy have been dashed, four of the seven new skins are closer to a “beach” theme than a sports theme. Here’s a gallery of all the new goodies:

A handful of new voice lines for characters are available for the game’s characters as well; most characters have one new voice line. Newer characters who weren’t around for last year’s event (such as Doomfist) are getting two voice lines to even things out.

All of last year’s event-exclusive content has been discounted to regular Credit prices; only the new items will cost three times the standard price. In either case, you’ll have the duration of the event to get your hands on these new skins and try your hand at some more Lúcioball! The Overwatch 2017 Summer Games ends on August 28, 2017.

Quick Take

R.I.P. In Pepperoni my dreams of Lifeguard Mercy. I am nonetheless pleasantly surprised with the beach skins that we did get. Ladies and gents alike have a bit of eye candy this time around with Widowmaker & McCree’s summer skins, and Dad: 76 finally has an in-universe skin that dredges up repressed memories of parental embarrassment. I missed the Summer Games the first time around and I’m excited to have a go at Lúcioball!

What do think of the changes made to Lúcioball for the Overwatch 2017 Summer Games? What’s your favorite skin from the new bunch introduced for this year’s event? Do you hope that all future events will have the older skins similarly discounted? Let us know in the comments below!

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