Just to let this known right here and now, no, I did not finish this game. Onion Knight wanted to overheat my brand new Kindle 6, so I could only play the amount that I did play in increments of about 20-30 minutes. And to be honest, I have played some pretty bad games before, but I am not even certain that this is a fully fledged game, I am almost certain that this is a prototype that the developers never meant to have leaked onto the Android Playstore.

To say this game is awful is the understatement of the century. It’s not only awful, it’s glitchy, it’s buggy, and it’s dull. extremly dull. There is nothing to do in this game but grind until you can defeat a single monster boss, make it to the next level, and then grind some more. There are only three kinds of monsters on the map, easy, medium, and boss. And when I say three kinds of monsters, I mean there are only 3 monster types per map. Even Dead Dragons had more of an enemy selection than this game has. The hack and slash motions are scarcely accurate enough to even hit the enemies anyways, which makes grinding annoying. Also, enemies respawn in the same place, so sometimes, you are attacking three enemies in a row.

To top off the poor choice of enemies, this game has no story. NONE! No story at all! Not a single bit of storyline, or even another player to talk to throughout the entire game! As if it was too much of an effort for the developers to add a single NPC to work as a shopkeeper! No shopkeeper, the only two stores in the entire game is run by magic portals, which doesn’t prevent you from moving while the shop menu is up. When you load up the game, it just drops you off in this deserted town, and you can only go one way to get to fighting some monsters. The other two ways leading to bridges that are not only broken, but you can’t even walk on them! There are so many invisible walls in this game that Elder Scrolls is jealous!


Yes officer, that is my HEAD STICKING OUT OF THE BRIDGE!

If this game had anymore glitches it’s be almost unplayable, not that it isn’t already close to that. This game tells you nothing, and you have to find it all out on your own, which isn’t all that bad, but it is when the monsters almost kill you every single time you go train, and in order to earn enough money to buy armor you have to sell the potions you get, because the monsters don’t drop enough to make the rent on the breadbox. Oh, and while I am at the idea of shops, they sometimes steal your money! I worked for almost 45 minutes to an hour on this game just to earn enough to buy a single peice of low-level equipment, and after I purchased it, it was gone! It was not equipped, it was not in my inventory, and my money was gone. I daresay mention I was annoyed.

feet gone!

Something seems afoot

Some armor can’t even register, in the picture above, the boots I am wearing made my feet just up and vanish! But at least this game has abilities that you can use. The strength ability makes the enemies actually able to be defeated in the second level. While using it, you literally have to grind for hours just to get close to moving one inch further in this game. You are also able to raise your stats, or so they say, because raising your stats doesn’t seem to do anything

At least this game has good music, NOT! It’s the same damn song played throughout the entire game! The intro song, the village, outside the village, on the second level, etc. Same. Dang. Song! And graphics would be decent enough I guess, for an indie title, so long as the rest of the same didn’t suck.

Although I highly recommend against it, you can get this game for free via Amazon or Google Play, and even that is overpriced.




This game sucks, it's glitchy, it's buggy, and it has absolutely no diversity or story

Lucy Walcott

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