As we previously reportedPlants vs. Zombies creator George Fan has gone back to his independent roots. He and his teammates at All Yes Good are preparing for the release of Octogeddon, a game all about destroying cities as a giant mutant octopus.

After taking control of this rolling creature from the sea, you can take a break from the carnage and upgrade its limbs with parts from various other animals. These can range from lobster claws all the way to giant dinosaur heads that chomp whenever they hit the ground. Coming off as a mixture of Rampage and Katamari DamacyOctogeddon promises to be one quirky action game.

Perhaps because of the recent controversies surrounding his former employer, George and his team wanted to make it clear that Octogeddon is a premium title that only asks players to pay up once. When new content is added post-release, all players will receive that content free of charge.

The big studios and monolithic publishers in the video games industry can’t or won’t make games like Octogeddon any longer. Rich, Kurt and I wanted to make a game that’s entirely focused on the fun, not the financial. As my first game launched since Plants vs. Zombies, and eighth overall, I consider this one my octo opus!

In order to fully prepare for launch, All Yes Good are sending out sixty-four “golden tickets” that will serve as invites into the game’s closed beta (or b8ta). Beta participants will see their beta code transferred to a copy of the full game upon release and will be able to share their feedback before launch day on the community forums.

Players interested in hunting down a golden ticket for Octogeddon can visit Steam to wishlist the title before its debut on February 8th of 2018.

Quick Take

If you want to jump the gun on Octogeddon’s release early next year, you should PROBABLY stick to TechRaptor, as we may have another interesting post regarding the game in the not too distant future…

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