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NVIDIA has revealed the GeForce GTX 1080 and GeForce GTX 1070 according to a news post on Nvidia’s website.

NVIDIA’s newest gaming GPUs will be the first to come to market based on the company’s Pascal architecture. The GeForce GTX 1080 will have an 8GB GDDR5X Frame Buffer – twice that of the GTX 980. The base clock will be 1607 MHz with boost capability up to 1733 MHz, and the memory speed will be 10 Gbps.

The GeForce GTX 1080 will require 180 Watts of power and a 500 Watt power supply is recommended for using the card. It will come with an 8 pin supplemental power connector. It will be 4.376 inches (approximately 11.116 cm) tall by 10.5 inches (approximately 26.67 cm) wide, and the card will require two slots worth of space. You can read more about the specs on the GeForce GTX 1080 page on NVIDIA’s website.

A “Founder’s Edition” of the GeForce GTX 1080 is going to be available on May 27, for the price of $699. A dozen companies have lined up to produce graphics cards in this new line – ASUS, Colorful, EVGA, Gainward,  Galaxy, Gigabyte, Innovision 3D, MSI, Palit, PNY, Zotac, and NVIDIA itself. If you’re not keen on being an early adopter, the expected retail price of the GeForce GTX 1080 is slated to be $599 although NVIDIA states that there will likely be some variation in the pricing on a per-manufacturer basis.

If you’re looking for an upgrade without breaking the bank there’s another option coming down the road a bit later. The GeForce GTX 1070 will also have a Founder’s Edition available on June 10 for $449. The retail price of the various graphics cards by NVIDIA partners is expected to be $379. NVIDIA has not yet released many specifics for the 1070 series aside from the price.

These new cards mark the beginning of GeForce’s “10 series” GPUs. An accompanying event called Order of 10 is also currently underway. Order of 10 appears to be an Alternate Reality Game (or ARG) of sorts. The Prelude page contains some mysterious clues and an event at Austin has already concluded. Participants had to travel to three out of five “trail” locations with a smartphone. Once they had completed tasks at three locations they were directed to travel to a final location. The first 50 participants who completed the event were awarded a pair of VIP tickets to that night’s NVIDIA event.

The next Order of 10 event will be May 10 at 10:00 AM Pacific Time, and considering that the previous event took place in Austin (where the NVIDIA keynote was held) it’s possible that future events will be held at NVIDIA showcases or other such industry events.

According to a post on NVIDIA’s blog, the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 involved the work of several thousand people over two years with a Research & Development budget of “several billion dollars.”

What do you think of the GeForce GTX 1080 and GeForce GTX 1070? Will you hold off on purchasing a new graphics card to wait for these? How do you feel about the pricing of the cards compared to the current flagship GPUs such as the Titan X? Let us know in the comments below!

Robert N. Adams

Senior Writer

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  • webkilla

    Only a single jack for monitor cables? Are you kidding me? I don’t want to have buy two of these damn things to run dual-monitor – this thing is trash

  • bladestorm91

    I’ll wait, I want to see AMD’s lineup and even then I still might wait for the cheaper, but better card that almost always comes in a few months after they release a new series.

  • Hyrules

    Where did you get that from? It has one DVI cable, one HDMI, and 3 Display Port connections.

  • Hyrules

    I’m only reluctant on the supply and availability of cards coming from partners like Gigabyte or EVGA. I may just want to nab a pure Nvidia reference card this time around.

    also, the details on just what a founder’s card is and has to warrant the price increase is hard to find.

  • webkilla

    ah my bad – I meant, only one DVI cable port. I just have two flatscreens which both use DVI… and even then, only one HDMI, and one DVI – unless you use a converter, then that’s not going to support two monitors. I’m not familiar with display port jacks – do pc monitors come with cables for that these days?

  • Clairity

    Usually they do, yeah. Display Port tends to be the preferred monitor cable these days because it has higher bandwidth (higher resolutions at higher refresh rates, essentially) and supports G-sync and Freesync (basically, technology to prevent screen tearing by syncing the monitor’s refresh rate to the GPU).

  • Hyrules

    Display port is becoming the new standard as Clairity said. It allows high refresh rates at much higher resolutions. and it’s a smaller connector as well.

  • Judging by the name and similar gaming terminology for “Founder’s Packs” I’m guessing it’s just the first print run of the cards or something. Possibly with special branding of a sort. 100% speculation on my part, but I think it’s reasonable speculation.

  • I’m honestly surprised to even see a DVI on there. Goes to show how that technology is still hanging on. At least cards don’t ship with VGA ports anymore, lol.

  • Does Displayport have that same encryption BS that HDMI has, or no? I’ve never liked that about HDMI.

  • Hyrules Looks like it has something like it.

  • GrimFate

    Quite excited about it, but as I still only have 1080p monitors, not sure I NEED one those these yet. But I’ll probably still get one. Damn my love of tech!

  • Hyrules

    I found some stuff about it. Apparently they’re given special coolers and are hand-picked and apparently are set up to be oc’d by nvidia themselves I think. I know the coolers thing is confirmed for a better overhead for overclocking.

    Which… if the demonstration is anything to go by… 2.1ghz overclock to surpass a 980 sli… I’d say it’s worth it. But, if I see some neat stuff coming from evga/gigabyte before the release date I’ll definitely consider their options.

  • NeoTechni

    No. They don’t. Display port is a pain.

  • Butts. That stinks.

  • Gargie

    Im gonna wait for the non-refs to come out,because that thing is just too ugly.
    On another note this will be grate for budget builders/owners because as soon as it hits retail the price of 980 and 980Ti will drop.

  • Luigi Savinelli

    I am waiting exactly that. Let the rich kids have their series 10 cards. I’ll grab a cheap 980Ti as soon as I can

  • Clairity

    Pretty sure it doesn’t, which is probably why TVs tend to have HDMI instead of DisplayPort instead.

  • Casey

    So, I was stupid enough to buy a 780 gigabyte card, and pretty much without fail, the display driver will crash and kick me to the desktop. After two RMA’s the lousy pieces of shit told me the issue was that my motherboard was not pci express 3.0… which it is.

    This is AFTER I followed someone’s advice and downclocked the card using MSI afterburner, which made it finally stable.

    So yeah, I’ll probably grab one of these so I don’t have a permanently gimped card, and I’ll make sure it’s an Evga as that’s the company people claim is the most helpful when it comes to customer service.

    In short, fuck Gigabyte and their lying asses. Buy from them, and you’re playing russian roulette with 500-700 dollars.

  • DrearierSpider

    If you’re going to, I’d at least spring for a 144 hz monitor. Having all that power and being stuck at [email protected] is such a waste. Even my lowly 780 Ti does well on my 1440p, 144 hz monitor 😛

  • GrimFate

    I’ve had my eye on the predator monitors for a while; 1440p with Gsync. But apparently people are divided on Gsync vs. 144hz, so I guess I have some research to do.

  • Strazdas

    Good luck finding anything in [email protected] in anything above 24″ though. Im so used to my 27″ monitor and i dont want to go lower 🙁

  • Strazdas

    DisplayPort is the future. Forget HDMI and DVI. Display Port is much better.

  • Dindu Nuffin

    These cards are BEASTLY!

    The only issue is; if you already own a 9 series card why would you even upgrade?

    I own a skylake cpu and a GTX 970 and the amount of times I’ve had to drop settings from maximum/ultra to stay above 60fps I can count on the fingers of no hands.

    It’s sheer overkill. Even moreso when you factor in multiplats coding for the lowest common denominator.

    Good news though is it’s going to force the 9 series cards into freefall and ebay will be awash with supercheap 980s.