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English-language adult gaming websites are a rare treat. In the west there are very few of them and even fewer are worthwhile to visit. Nutaku is a website that grew a huge amount in the last year or so by making sizeable chunks of quality content available to the players. In order to continue that trend, the company announced that thanks to a major investment from an outside partner, they decided to directly invest in western adult gaming developers in order to make the western market grow even more.

We are now actively soliciting proposals from development studios who are working on adult projects or considering including adult content in their current titles. Whether downloadable or online games, established studios or one-man outfits with a promising demo, we’d like to hear from you.

We’re not just sitting idle and waiting for developers to come to us. Nutaku is actively growing its sales team by hiring agents and consultants on a commission basis to help us reach out to adult game developers. Individuals who aren’t actively working on games but remain involved in the tight-knit world of development can make a substantial sum just by introducing us to projects that are suitable for to our platforms.

This is not the first effort Nutaku makes in order to make the adult gaming industry thrive in the west. In May, they launched their own censorship-free downloadable games store in order to compete directly with other game retailers in the market. Their store, as opposed to the other players like Steam, does not apply any censorship to the games they receive from publishers. As a Nutaku employee claimed on a Reddit thread, “We will take them as we receive them from the publisher or not put them up at all”.

As Nutaku admits in their own blog post, pouring $2 million USD in the adult games scene is not much by the current standards of AAA titles. While that stands true, adult gaming is a niche market with a lot of talented and passionate hobbyists creating awesome content out of sheer passion. As an example, we can look at how much sensation Katawa Shoujo made when it came out in 2012 despite it basically being a fan project made by imageboard users.

A company directly investing in this market, despite the relatively small size of the investment, could only benefit the scene, especially considering that most western adult games developers rely on patreon or other crowdfunding services in order to fund their work. After all, as Nutaku themselves say in their post, “We’ve built the store. Now you need to build the games”.

Luigi Savinelli

Staff Writer

Gamer since I can remember and now writer for your enjoyment. Can't say more. Those games will not play themselves

  • Ammit-Chan

    Certainly not going to trust a company that steals artwork and writes main characters that are the result of several generations of non-hot incest.

  • Smoky_the_Bear

    Honestly I don’t get the appeal of “adult games”. Drawn or rendered characters banging each other? I’d rather just watch porn, you know, with actual people in it. Are there really people that get off to this stuff?

  • Sanic

    You’d never get to fuck the girls in those porno videos just the same as you’d never fuck your waifu so why does it matter?

  • Scootinfroodie

    Some of them are genuinely enjoyable as games. I got introduced to Sengoku Rance via a thread some number of years ago and the game, while dumb as all hell, is surprisingly entertaining. A similar thing happened with Eroico. Both games are designed to be proper games, with what basically amounts to unlockable, optional H-scenes.

    General rule though is that 90% of anything is trash, and it holds up

  • For some people it’s the thrill of the hunt.

  • Zandohaha

    Because I’d still rather look at an actual woman than some pervy Japanese dudes artistic interpretation of a sexualized 14 year old. One is enjoyable for…… reasons, the other does nothing for me.