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Peaceful leader or warmonger extraordinaire? However Ghandi will actually act in Civilization VI will be revealed when the game comes out next month October 21. If you’ve been chomping at the bit to pick up the latest Civ installment, you can do so now at Bundle Stars and get the Steam key 20% off. Nice, ain’t it?

Update: Price is now 20% in the US and similar in EU/UK.

Civilization VI Standard and Deluxe Edition Deals


Bundle Stars

Update 10/17: Deal is back for the pre-purchase discount of Civilization 6 at GMG. Act fast before it disappears again!

The same discount applies to the more lucrative Deluxe Edition. Beyond the base Civilization 6 game, Deluxe gets you the Soundtrack and access to four post-launch DLC packs. Essentially buying Deluxe will be cheaper than buying each DLC separately. If you know you’re going to play a lot of Civ 6, it may be worth it.

This deal from Bundle Stars comes with the same Aztec Civilization Pack that you’d get paying full price at Steam Store. The Aztec civilization is a DLC that will be released 90 days after the game is fully available (so honestly it’s not much of a freebie, more of an early access bonus). Pre-order not only gets you the Aztec pack free, but also access to the Aztec civilizations on day 1.

The game is also available at a slight discount at other alternative stores. For example, Sila Games has Civilization VI for $53.99 (a small 10% discount) while Games Planet has a bigger discount to £39.99  (from £49.99). Note that Games Planet’s deal is region locked and will activate only in Europe, Africa, middle-east, and Canada. For Bundle Star’s and Sila Games’ deal, the game will activate in the USA just fine.

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Are you going to be picking up Civilization VI? What interests you or not about the title? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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  • Thadypus

    Not a fan of the day one DLC (OK, day 90 but…um..still). However, I need to pick this up but I’m not sure I want to preorder or pay for the deluxe. I just got married and my free time (to myself) is getting smaller than I initially expected. How long will this deal last? If I can talk my wife in to consent, I’ll likely pick up the deluxe just so I don’t have to worry about it later.

  • Hey Thadypus,

    Looks like the deal will last for a few days at least!

  • Thadypus

    Great! I’ll have to make sure to pick it up before it ends.

  • Voqar

    It kind of depends. And overall, the price of premium games hasn’t gone up for a long, long time (while the cost of everything else in life has gone up). So instead of raising the base game cost from 60 to 80 across the board, they do DLC instead – which is optional.

    Now. For a content based game like a story oriented FPS, it always kind of feels lame when there’s day 1 DLC because it feels like they blatantly chopped out part of the game to charge more for it right off the bat.

    Civ 6 happens to be coming out more feature packed than previous civs, with stuff that’s usually held for xpacs in the base game – like religion and other elements. So IMO it’s pretty hard to hold DLC against them, especially when the DLC is non critical stuff like extra civs or scenarios (surely one could get by with 18 civs in the base game (same as 5)).

    Of course, for a civ fanatic like myself, I have to have it all – but then, I played Civ 5 for about 2000 hours so even with all xpacs and DLC figured in, the cost / hour for some of the best entertainment in the universe is still damn cheap. So I’d never complain (vs say, a $60 story FPS that has 12 hours of content, a bunch of DLC, and next to no replay value).

  • Voqar

    That’s a great and tempting deal but I’ve never heard of this site and with something as important as Civ 6, I’d be kind of leary of taking any chances. Will have to investigate it some, I guess.

  • Thadypus

    Those are all valid points. I have noticed that most of the DLC from Firaxis are not feature heavy. I need to decide, among other things, if I’ll even have time to play Civ 6 with all of the new things in Real Life (TM).

  • Thadypus

    I can attest to both GMG and BundleStars. I have bought bundles from BundleStars and it really is as simple as they give you a list of Steam Keys.

  • What is GMG’s pre-order policy? Pay at checkout or pay on release?

    Nevermind, found my answer. ;-;

  • Yeah sorry for not replying to this earlier ourselves. I’m not sure why the comments never made it into our activity list. You are correct you pay right away. These are digital keys so its not like you’re holding a place for a physical copy that bills you when its “shipped.”

  • I’m surprise you haven’t heard of either. They’re large digital retailers and the game is sent directly from the publisher (Firaxis) in this case. During pre-load phase they will generally have the keys ready/sent out to customers. I believe GMG is the 2nd largest digital retailer after Steam Store, and BundleStars is one of the largest after Humble Bundle.

  • Sorry for the late reply – interestingly enough we just wrote a post about how its harder to find time to game as you get older:

    The Civ 6 deal from GMG will be around for awhile – you’ll most likely see variance in it (eg instead of 24% off, it maybe only 20% or 22%). For Bundle Stars, they’ve told us it’ll be available all the way up until release, so there’s that.

    But at the end of it, if 2K/Firaxis tells them to halt public sale suddenly – it may disappear for a bit too. Having said that, I think you don’t need to worry about the deal not reappearing. If it expires, it’ll show up again eventually.

  • Thadypus

    Hey, thanks for the reply! I actually pre-ordered through GMG this past weekend (deluxe).

    Definitely going to read that article.

  • No problem. 🙂