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Fans of the “good ol’ days” of World of Warcraft may soon see news of classic servers, even if it is not through official (or legal) means.

Earlier this year, the private server Nostalrius was shut down. The server acted as a way for players to experience World of Warcraft before the game’s first expansion The Burning Crusade and ran free of charge for players.

The team behind the vanilla World of Warcraft server implied that there may be a new project in works. According to the administrator known as Viper wrote a cryptic post about what the team has in store. That is, if Blizzard Entertainment does not make an announcement regarding vanilla servers.

“If Blizzard doesn’t make an announcement to honor their own core values, be sure that we will,” wrote Viper. “In the end, pleasing the community is the ONLY thing which should matter.”

While the information is vague, it appears Nostalrius may see (a brief) second life. If that is the case, Blizzard will likely take down the servers yet again. It is important to note that Blizzard met with the Nostalrius team a few months ago. Little to no new surfaced about the meeting until now.

According to the same post from Viper, the group started a t-shirt campaign over a week ago. The group sold over 200 t-shirts, with all the proceeds going to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. If you missed your chance to get a Nostalrius shirt, you have a second chance when they relaunch the campaign soon.

They also drafted a petition to bring vanilla servers back. Over 300,000 World of Warcraft fans signed it online.

Blizzard’s annual convention, Blizzcon, starts in just under two weeks (November 4-5). If we are to see any development about World of Warcraft vanilla servers, it would be during the con.

Quick Take

If Blizzard does not launch vanilla servers (which they likely will not), then the idea will die with it. With millions of people playing World of Warcraft now, 300,000 is a small number in comparison. It may not be enough to create a financial imperative enough to create vanilla servers. Vanilla World of Warcraft has not aged well and the game keeps getting better anyway.

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  • Arcturo

    Nice “quick take” on the situation, fanboy, but it’s bullshit. Financially, it’d easily be a sustainable endeavor to run one or two legacy realms for the regular sub fee. Otherwise, they could go the EQ route and sanction certain private server projects with strict no-monetization guidelines. The reasons they don’t do these things have little to do with money and numbers and more to do with company image. It would be admitting to themselves on some level, admitting to their activision overlords, too, that the blizzard of ten or fifteen years ago had something the blizzard today does not; exactly the charge many embittered WoW vets lay at their door frequently enough as it is.

    As for the idea dying – doubt it, as long as MMORPG’s keep sucking as much as they currently do and there’s a real incentive to revisit older games.

  • RockstarRepublic

    “Vanilla World of Warcraft has not aged well and the game keeps getting better anyway.”

    … This is such a blatant lie, its not even funny. If the game keeps “getting better”, then they wouldnt be bleeding subs.