We live in an age where we spend a lot of time in our lives looking at screens, they can be big screens like large TV’s or computer monitors, or they can be small screens, like a phone, nonetheless it’s a lot of screens. A lot of people are affected by these screens on a daily basis and NoScope has brought out their next line in affordable gaming glasses with the introduction of Hydra, joining the already popular Demon that you can see our review of here. The idea of removing all of the screens from everyone’s lives is an unrealistic ambition but using these specialized glasses we can reduce the effect that they have on our bodies. Gaming glasses like the Hydra are specifically designed with gamers and screen users who suffer from eye strain, fatigue, insomnia and dry eyes that is being caused by the harsh light coming from these screens. The Hydra will, using a tinted and resin coated lense, filter out the blue light that is coming from your screens, with the blue light filtered out the Hydra allows you to focus easier, reduce eye strain and fatigue, and improve clarity. The form of the Hydra glasses boasts comfort and an extremely light design, you will even begin to not notice the yellow tint after spending a good amount of time with them. From when you first pick up the Hydra you can feel how solid the frame is and with completely curved arms it means that it is never uncomfortable. The Hydra will allow you to continue gaming, watching tv, browsing the internet or whatever you do with a screen for longer without having to put up with any headaches or eye strain. For anyone with their own gaming glasses or those who have been in the market for some then the largest factor is always the price. For a good set of gaming glasses it could mean you have to spend upwards of $80 just to ensure you’re getting what you want. At NoScope they boast that their customer base has told them that their glasses work just as well as the other brands but it’s the inexpensive price tag that makes people pick NoScope. The Hydra for example are only $29.99 less than half the price of a lot of its competitors. Right out of the box you get a carrying case, a microfiber cloth for keeping your glasses clear and clean and the glasses themselves.

Hydra - NoScope Gaming Glasses

Sleek and Compact form of the Hydra Gaming Glasses

I am someone who normally spends far too long in front of my Xbox or on my 3DS with the release of Smash Bros, and also tend to not sleep well afterwards. While playing through these games I started wearing the Hydra Gaming Glasses and found that after playing for hours upon hours at the end my eyes were feeling just as relaxed as they were at the start. For anyone who has been playing Destiny you’ll know how much time needs to be put into countless numbers of strikes, weeklies and bounties, I wore my NoScope Hydra’s throughout countless hours of grinding (The best way to gauge time is that I managed to watch at least 5 movies on netflix snapped in the past couple of days alone). With the Hydras on the harsh blues of the menu screens and especially the glare of my character was dulled so I had no headache or eye strain even after one of these immense game sessions. The most important part I found was my ability to sleep a lot easier at night and for the time that I normally spend trying to get to sleep greatly reduced because of the Hydra Gaming Glasses.

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If you're in the market for top quality gaming glasses then don't skip over NoScope Gaming Glasses like the Hydra. Best in price and does everything the overly expensive gaming glasses do.

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