Our world is spent in front of digital screens day in and day out. For that reason, millions of people suffer from eye strain and various other side effects of being glued to our computer monitors. There’s no way to completely take away the effects of being so attached to our technology, but some companies such as Gunnar have given us the ability to wear specialized glasses that aim to protect your eyes and help you focus. The prices for such glasses have been high, usually in the $80+ range, but now we have a second option in the offerings of the NoScope Demon Series (Affiliate) gaming glasses. NoScope offers a pair of glasses aimed at reducing eye strain, much like the gaming glasses that you see elsewhere. The difference, however, is that the glasses are offered at a $19.99 price range – significantly lower than their competitors. Now, normally a lower price range means less quality, but the NoScope Demon Series sacrifice nothing for the price. NoScope Packaging 1 Right out of the box, you get a great experience – with a small NoScope-branded bag holding the glasses and a cleaning cloth. Pulling out the glasses, you’ll see that they are modeled similar to some sport sunglasses, with a sleek and clean look to them. The lenses, which are tinted yellow to reduce eye-strain and help with clarity and focus, are thin and allow the glasses to be very lightweight. The comfort of the glasses is akin to a good pair of sunglasses as well. Speaking from experience, a 6 hour Titanfall rampage will go by and you’ll have completely forgotten that you’ve been wearing them. The glasses fit extremely well, offering a full field of vision without that weird “gap” that you can sometimes get with a pair of sunglasses (does that ever make anyone else dizzy?). The only downside to the glasses, and gaming glasses in general, is that if you wear a headset like the Logitech G930 – there’s a chance it may press the glasses against the side of your head. Not a NoScope issue, as glasses have to be held up somehow! Overall, the Demon Series holds up incredibly well when it comes to comfort. NoScope Glasses 1 Now that we’ve passed all of the “necessary” parts of the glasses, let’s get into the important ones! Obviously, the idea behind Gunnars and NoScope’s is to reduce eye strain, fatigue, and insomnia as well as make computer use and gaming better. The way this is done is 100% with the lenses that the glasses use, as they are resin-coated at a yellow tint for a few various reasons. First of all, the tint and coating changes the lighting  of the screen a bit in order to allow your eyes to see everything better and with less effort. Personally, I wore mine at work for a day (I work as an IT Systems Admin in front of a computer for 8 hours a day), and found that I didn’t have the headache like I normally would at the end of the day, as well as being less tired! You may also notice that with the lenses and the tint, that letters and words and sharper and easier to read (you may even notice a slight magnification), which is beneficial whether you’re playing games, writing your thesis, or browsing Reddit until 3 AM. These glasses do a great job of taking your expectations of computer/gaming glasses, and accomplishing all of them! Here’s the rub, gaming  glasses may not be for everyone – primarily because they may be ineffective for some people with certain eyesight. If that’s the case, see your doctor instead. If it’s not, you should definitely grab a pair of the NoScope Demon Series. Not only because the price is so low in comparison, but because they accomplish everything that other glasses boast on top of that. If you’re in the market for a pair of high quality gaming glasses, do not look past the Demon Series – you’ll be extremely pleased with what you get for a killer price.

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If you're in the market for some computer or gaming glasses, look no further than the NoScope Demon Series

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