This weekend has been incredibly busy in the world of fighting games, with events happening all over the world of varying levels prestige. Some of them weren’t open tournaments, however. A couple of them were special invitationals that offered big money instead of world tour points. Northern Arena Knockout is one of them. Taking place in Toronto, Canada, a group of sixteen individuals from different parts of the globe to battle it out to take the lion’s share of a large $30,000 prize pool.

Streaming was handled by Northern Arena on Twitch. As usual, players will be listed in “[sponsor/team name] | [player name] [[characters used]]” format. Being only a 16-man tournament, the brackets aren’t very large, but if you’d like to see the journey each player took, you can do so here, on

Street Fighter V

Due to being a specialized event featuring one game, top 16 will be listed instead of top 8.

  • 1. Echo Fox | Momochi [Ken]
  • 2. YouDeal | Yukadon [Ibuki]
  • 3. BX3 | Phenom [Necalli, Guile]
  • 4. Rise | Smug [Balrog]
  • 5. Liquid | NuckleDu [Guile, R. Mika]
  • 5. INFS | ImStillDaDaddy [Guile, Laura]
  • 7. Echo Fox | Justin Wong [Karin, Ed]
  • 7. SB | Dieminion [Guile, Ed]
  • 9. L.E.S [M. Bison]
  • 9. STDx | Sin [M. Bison]
  • 9. BLMRBL | OrangeMan [Rashid]
  • 9. AAO | Drae “Yomi” Games [Laura, Necalli]
  • 13. EG | K-Brad [Cammy]
  • 13. Rise | Marn [Ibuki, R. Mika]
  • 13. AFG [Karin]
  • 13. EG | NYChrisG [Guile]

Echo Fox’s Momochi made a dominant run through the entire tournament, staying on winner’s side the entire time and persevering through a couple of close games. As the event is not part of the Capcom Pro Tour, he doesn’t receive any CPT points, but he does get $12,000 for his win. Yukadon, who came in second, will receive $7,500. NuckleDu, who came in tied for fifth, actually had a second invitational to attend this weekend, but this time all the way in Japan. Justin Wong, K-Brad, Marn, Smug, Yukadon, and ImStillDaDaddy will all immediately be competing in SoCal Regionals (or EGX in ISDD’s case) as well. So it’s not just a busy weekend for spectators, but for players as well.

Matthew Fetrow

I've been playing video games since 4 years of age, and finally began to deeply invest myself into the world of fighting games in 2015 after many off-and-on encounters with games inside the genre. I have a preference for 3D fighters, but also enjoy Street Fighter, King of Fighters, and some airdashers. I'm also a big fan of RPGs and shmups.