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It’s been a busy week leading up to the release of No Man’s Sky for Hello Games and Sony, with plenty of leaks, new information, and more coming out. This evening Hello Games’ Sean Murray took to Twitter to confirm what various sites had reported that the PC version of No Man’s Sky is being delayed to August 12th.

Here are a few of Sean’s tweets on the situation

The last one in particular is troublesome, as it claims it is the earliest that Hello Games could announce that. However, if that was the case, why was it spotted on the official No Man’s Sky website days ago? That led to the flurry of reports on the delay itself. Now, while I don’t have a July image of the delay on their site, I have an archive of the No Man’s Sky website on August 2nd, which is well before the August 5th date where Sean Murray claims is the earliest they could reveal it. 

No Man's Sky Site

As you can see on the archived post, it says that the PC release will be worldwide on August 12th, and at the top it shows that it was saved on August 2nd, which directly contradicts what Sean Murray is saying. Before writing this article I tried to ask Sean on twitter about this discrepancy several times, but was ignored by Murray entirely. 

Quick Take

The issue here is either there’s a major mistake on the website side and Murray refuses to discuss it at all, or Murray is intentionally being misleading on this. What makes this extra frustrating is this is the exact same reason he used the last time they delayed No Man’s Sky and, it brings all that into question. Especially when we consider reveals like they consider the Day 1 Patch necessary for the game to be ready despite it going gold a month ago and are adding things like 21:9 monitor support at this point. No Man’s Sky‘s marketing has often been vague to the point of obfuscation by Hello Games and Sony, and bits like this make you wonder where that is really coming from.

What do you think has happened here? Why do you think Sean refuses to comment on the matter? Is the fact that Review Copies will be arriving late affecting your decision to purchase? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Choppinfoot

    I can’t see a game of this ambitious scale living up to the maelstrom of hype it has generated. To be quite frank, I can’t see ANY game living up to this hype, but No Man’s Sky, similar to Freelancer or Starbound, has promised us the universe and will end up delivering at best a galaxy.

    Although Freelancer managed it, I should point out. Just had extremely tedious space travel.

  • Nobuoa Schniell

    Starbound is a fun game as well. It’s not as grand as the original vision might have been, but it’s a very successful imitation of Terraria that improves upon it and expands the idea much further.

    To be perfectly honest, I would more accurately compare No Man’s Sky and its promises to Spore. It’s roughly the same level of ambition, and even showed that level of complexity in gameplay previews. But the actual delivery was woefully short of what was promised and ended up being a huge disappointment.

  • FlamingoJet

    There’s something fishy going on here….

  • Random Marine

    The PC version has this date on my Steam since a month ago….

  • Matt

    I had this preordered for PS4 back in March when it first “officially” available. Then the June delay happened and as disappointed as I was, I stuck with my preorder. Now, Amazon has told me from March that it would ship on August 5, but as of now, it still hasn’t. I half-joked that it was another last minute delay, but I’m fearing maybe it is the case. I was hyped for this game, and I still am, but now to a much lesser degree.

    But maybe that’s a good thing. This game definitely cannot live up to the hype it’s generated. Most of it didn’t even come from Sean or anyone else responsible for this game, but from the community waiting for it. What can we do? What will we see? Sean has done tremendously well giving very few details but yet allowing the hype to grow to unobtainable levels. That’s what good marketing does, right? If it doesn’t live up to the hype the gaming community has given it, HG can wash their hands of it and say, “well, we never told you to expect that.” I don’t fault them for it at all.

    I don’t know what the issue is behind the PC delay, my suspicions would place blame mostly on Sony if I had to guess. Or, something came up that they didn’t foresee and they needed to work on it and didn’t know if it would be ready for the 9th. Maybe it’s server related. Too many unknown factors to a relatively unknown game.

    I’m still looking forward to this and whatever it offers, I’m sure will be worth the wait. I’m cautiously optimistic about expecting anything too huge, but I’m leaving room for the surprise just in case.

  • Dindu Nuffin

    Ever since Sean was being deliberately cagey about answering the simple question of multiplayer I knew this was going to go sideways.

    Can’t even answer simple questions, yet your game is being hyped everywhere?

    Interview after hourlong interview yet nobody asks anything of substance?

    Meanwhile every picture makes sure to show you in bare feet. SO CREATIVE!!!

    Going to be a trainwreck. It’s simply an overhyped singleplayer Minecraft in Space.

  • Robert___T

    My pre-order story is the same as yours: Got one in w/ Amazon the day the PS4 LE went up; suffered through the June delay; still hasn’t shipped though their claim was it would be on a truck yesterday (8/5). So, brother, I feel ya!

    All that said, I can assure you there will be no delay beyond 8/9. How? My job (backroom assoc. @ Walmart) allows me…”insider knowledge,” if you will. By which I mean, I’ve personally held copies, so there’s no way to stop the NMS train now.

    But if Amazon fucks me, I swear I’ll cancel my Prime so damn fast…

  • RockstarRepublic

    The secrecy over this game is incredibly stupid. Trust is at an all time low, so their actions show more of their character. This is smelling more like a scam than a product they are proud of.

  • One-Eye

    This may be sacrilege but this game looks incredibly tedious to me.

    Like a first-person version of the dull resource gathering sub-games in MASS EFFECT.

  • Smoky_the_Bear

    Yeah Freelancer was good but personally I ended up enjoying it more watching my mate play it because I grew up with space games like Wing Commander, X-Wing etc and the mouse controls felt horrible to me. I just cannot enjoy a space game without a big stick in my hand……….um… know what I mean.

  • Matt

    Yup, mine was supposed to be on the truck yesterday as well but as of right now (2 am Sunday) it is not. I’m hoping it’s just because all the warehouses have a copy and not just one main one. In which case, it’ll only be travelling a couple hours, so could actually ship Tuesday morning.

  • DrearierSpider

    Totally convinced this is Sony trying to capitalize on launch hype.

  • To be fair the day one patch does add a significant ammount of content compared to litterally every other PS4 game out there.

    Yes it sucks we need a day one patch but at the same time if it makes the game better I don’t see that as a bad thing. Plus its only speculated to be an 800mb patch. I’ve seen bigger patches that litterally add nothing to the game.

    Also to be honest its only a three day delay it could be much worse.

  • GrimFate

    Their marketing has failed to convince me that I NEED this game, so the delay doesn’t bother me as I won’t consider buying it until reviews come in anyway.

    My fear is that there is little to do besides harvesting resources and seeing the wonder of randomly generated planets. Certainly it looks amazing to behold, but to me that doesn’t justify paying full price for. Maybe for $30 I’d consider taking the plunge day 1.