Nintendo’s new fighting game ARMS has been out since June of this year, but some players have found some interesting bits of information in a series of Arms data mine examinations.

There have been several reported Arms data mine digs on the game, the most prevalent have been reported through different YouTube videos discussing what was found hidden in the game. One of the most prevalent was a video posted by YouTuber Dennis Bagstevold, who interviews an associate of a dataminer named GoldFlame, who discovers several things including incomplete stages, but most importantly new characters.

Please Note: From here on out, there will be spoilers, including the video by Bagstevold just below. You have been warned.

Yesterday on Reddit the user KoopaStarRoad posted a spoiler thread that showcased the Arms data mine spoilers. In total, up to eight more fighters were possibly found.

The full list found is as follows. Everything in bold is currently an unknown character, while Twintale and Pasta are believed to be early versions of Twintelle and Min-Min, respectively. There is also speculation on Bagstevold’s end that Sumo, Robo, Chain and Coil maybe early versions of other characters, but that is not confirmed. The full list of what is found has been posted on pastebin, with bolded characters representing those who are unknown or potentially new characters.

Belt (Max Brass)
DNA (Helix)
Hair (Twintelle)
Mee (Min-Min)
Mummy (Mummy)
Ninja (Ninjara)
Pasta (Early Min-Min)
Police (Byte and Bark)
Ribbon (Ribbon Girl)
Snake (Kid Cobra)
Spring (Spring Man)
Twintale (Early Twintelle)
Worker (Mechanica)

Nintendo has, of course, not confirmed anything regarding what has been found at this time.  However, it should be noted that the Japanese twitter for ARMS announced an update was coming soon for the game, which will focus on balancing the game.

The tweet translated is as follows:

“This is a News Flash! In the middle of the next planned update of the balance that the information has been sent from the Association of upper ARMS. Ureshii and other additional information, or not? Please wait for further news!”

What are your thoughts on all of this? Looking for more ARMS characters? Are you surprised about the Arms data mine findings? Leave your comments below. 

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