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As has been reported by several other sites over the course of the last few hours, Fatal Frame 5: Maiden of Black Water has been confirmed as an eShop exclusive in North America. The title will release on October 22nd for a price of $49.99, with a portion of the game available to download for free before purchase as part of the “free-to-start” initiative that Nintendo started earlier this year with 3DS eShop release Stretchmo. Europe gets the game (as well as an exclusive Limited Edition release) on October 30th.

This is the first mainline Fatal Frame game to release in North America in over a decade; the previous title in the Fatal Frame series, Mask of the Lunar Eclipse, never saw a release outside of Japan – and the Wii remakes of the second game only saw a western release in PAL regions in 2012. Since the Wii was region-locked just as the Wii U is now, the only way for North American fans to play the Wii entries in the series would’ve been to modify their consoles to play import discs. North America did see the spin-off title Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir for the 3DS, though it ended up being both a critical and a commercial failure and the release was censored in all western regions.

Quick Take

I find it worrying that it seems to have become a trend that NoE will give some games physical releases or Limited Editions while NoA won’t; granted, the situation is better for North American fans now than back in the Wii days – but having a digital only release is still less than ideal. I also wonder just how much overlap there might be from people that will only buy physical copies of games and the Fatal Frame fanbase – it could have a negative impact on sales in the long-run. Hopefully, at the very least, digital only might alleviate the concerns over censorship as the series has been historically censored in the west.

James Galizio

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  • Nathaniel Plain

    Man, don’t really like digital only releases. Whenever possible I buy physical. I will have to get another external enclosure for the WiiU, as my Deluxe SSD does not have any available storage for this game.

  • Guy Montag

    Say what you will about companies like EA and Activision acquiring licenses but at least the games are available. Nintendo acquires IPs and buries them.

  • MusouTensei

    Glad I’m european.

  • アコール

    At the root of this issue lies the problem: Region Locking. If the WiiU wasn’t region locked, most of us would have been on our merry fucking way by now.

  • Ryan Juel

    At least it’s getting published in the states…

  • DrearierSpider

    Exactly! I understand why companies don’t want to localize & manufacture physical copies to certain regions if they don’t think it’ll be profitable, but region locking only serves to screw customers out of an alternative option. I know many people were upset when DMC4:SE only got a physical release in Japan, but being able to import a copy at least helped. How certain basic concepts fail to get through Nintendo’s thick skull is beyond me.