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A new IP was revealed during this mornings Nintendo Direct, the action game Tank Troopers

Being developed exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS, Tank Troopers is a 3-D based action combat game using tanks to battle other tanks both offline and online. 

Each tank will be granted a special ability to help turn the tide into your favor. Much like vehicular combat games such as Cel Damage and Twisted Metal,  these special abilities come from the troopers, a colorful cast of characters that will provide different abilities depending on which one you select. A few of the troopers have an “Advance Wars” vibe to them, while others are completely off the wall in terms of their design. 

tank troopers 1024

The cast of Tank Troopers. I particularly like Magnet Man in the middle. It’s so ridiculous it’s cool.


 Some of the abilities shown include a freeze attack, shooting paintballs to obscure an opponent’s vision, or shocking them with electricity to shut down a tank completely.

The game will sport a single player mode, but is built for multiplayer in mind. Tank Troopers will sport a local six-player mode, and offers download play as well for up to six players at once. The Nintendo Direct also hints at more gameplay modes on the horizon.

Tank Troopers

The field of battle, can you survive against rival tanks?

Tank Troopers will be a Nintendo 3DS exclusive, and will be released on the Nintendo E-Shop this winter. 

What do you think of Tank Troopers? Leave your comments below. 

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