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A new IP was revealed during this mornings Nintendo Direct, the action game Tank Troopers

Being developed exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS, Tank Troopers is a 3-D based action combat game using tanks to battle other tanks both offline and online. 

Each tank will be granted a special ability to help turn the tide into your favor. Much like vehicular combat games such as Cel Damage and Twisted Metal,  these special abilities come from the troopers, a colorful cast of characters that will provide different abilities depending on which one you select. A few of the troopers have an “Advance Wars” vibe to them, while others are completely off the wall in terms of their design. 

tank_troopers_1024 Nintendo Direct September 2016 - Tank Troopers

The cast of Tank Troopers. I particularly like Magnet Man in the middle. It’s so ridiculous it’s cool.


 Some of the abilities shown include a freeze attack, shooting paintballs to obscure an opponent’s vision, or shocking them with electricity to shut down a tank completely.

The game will sport a single player mode, but is built for multiplayer in mind. Tank Troopers will sport a local six-player mode, and offers download play as well for up to six players at once. The Nintendo Direct also hints at more gameplay modes on the horizon.

Tank-Troopers Nintendo Direct September 2016 - Tank Troopers

The field of battle, can you survive against rival tanks?

Tank Troopers will be a Nintendo 3DS exclusive, and will be released on the Nintendo E-Shop this winter. 

What do you think of Tank Troopers? Leave your comments below. 

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