In the short announcement spree that was the Nindies Showcase today, Nintendo announced that Inti Creates will be bringing the venerated Blaster Master back to life on the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch with Blaster Master Zero on March 9 .

Blaster Master Zero is a throwback to the old NES Blaster Master with top-down and sidevew 2D action-adventure gameplay involving the tank Sophia III and play as the hero Jason in other portions as well. It builds on that base and adds new areas, bosses, new sub weapons, and refines many aspects like exploration, gameplay and the scenario. One of the points that they appear to be focused on is improving the gameplay outside of the tank when playing as Jason.

Blaster Master Zero on Switch will incorporate the HD Rumble Feature into various aspects of gameplay. Additionally, a co-op multiplayer mode will enable Player 2 to support Player 1. Additionally, there will numerous cameos of different characters, with more information on that to come in the near future.


Don Parsons

News Editor

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