New details about Square Enix’s upcoming RPG title NieR: Automata have been divulged on the Japanese official website and translated over at Gematsu. The new information includes new and returning characters as well as two important locations in the game. This news comes after the recent release of a new trailer at the Tokyo Game Show:

In addition to a cast of characters and a list of the voice acting cast, a more in-depth look at some key characters has been provided via the official website. Support units for the YoRHa automated infantry squad are called pods. Pod 042, and Pod 153 are assigned to central characters 2B and 9S.

NeiR: Automata

These helpful support units will follow you into battle.

Other characters that support soldiers like A2, 9S and 2B include the director of the bunker called Commander, who is in charge of the YoRHa units. The soldiers also have communications operators that give them orders. Operator 6O is in charge of 2B and has a cheerful disposition. 21O works with 9S and has a more calm and contemplative type of personality.  

NeiR: Automata


Players will meet Adam and Eve in the game. They are twin brothers with very different personalities. Another interesting character is Pascal, a pacifist machine life form. Old-style androids Devola and Popola can be seen in the resistance camp and have the unique ability to consume alcohol. Lastly, Emil will be returning from the original NieR game with a case of amnesia.

NeiR: Automata

Wouldn’t be a NieR game without this creepy little fella.

Two locations in the game have been revealed and are both central to the game. The bunker is HQ for the YoRHa infantry and floats in the satellite orbit. Here the Commander, operators and pods work to help soldiers like 9S and 2B out in the field.

NeiR: Automata

The bunker is where YoRHa units get assigned pods and receive orders from.

The second location is the resistance camp. The camp is where androids that fell to Earth prior to the creation of the YoRHa squad have set up base. These androids decide to help 9S and 2B in their cause of helping humanity. Here players can upgrade their pods, buy items and accept quests.

NeiR: Automata

At the resistance camp players can shop, upgrade and accept sub-quests.

NieR: Automata will be released for PlayStation 4 in Japan on February 23rd. It is expected to release on PS4 and PC in Europe and North America in early 2017.

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