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Another week has passed, the sands of time are ticking down towards our inevitable death, and we’re one step closer to 2016’s Game Of The Year. August ends on a somber note as we say farewell to the greatest example of why you should preorder everything, the end of true Journalism, and Pokemon GO.  Without further ado, here’s your weekly update on everything terrible in our forever awkward industry.  Be sure to listen to this song while reading for maximum effect. 


The Headlines That Make Us Think

Pokemon Go Has Lost Over Twenty Percent Of Its US Userbase

Screen-Shot-2016-08-21-at-3.44.43-AM_00000-1-427x330 Nick’s Untitled Weekly Wrap Up 8/21/16

A desperate plea to Telltale: Please make a game out of R. Kelly’s ‘Trapped in the Closet’

No joke, I’m legit hoping this stupid meme becomes real. My favorite xmas eve tradition would automatically be my game of the year all year every year. 

Pimp-Lucius_00000-660x295 Nick’s Untitled Weekly Wrap Up 8/21/16

Ever since he went to church things have never been the same

Respawn: ‘We are treating Titanfall 2 like a new IP’

Makes sense since nobody played it the first time around.Screen-Shot-2016-08-21-at-3.44.43-AM_00000 Nick’s Untitled Weekly Wrap Up 8/21/16

And The Rest

God Help Us, These Researchers Are Using Reddit to Teach a Supercomputer to Talk  The Dankest of AI’s

Nintendo Once Published A Game Featuring Nazis, Baby Jesus And The KKK  Diddy’s Kong Quest was way ahead of its time if you ask me

Pokemon Go Is Being Sued, Because Of Course It Is  God speed you true patriot 

 Indie Nightmares

Pokemon Uranium


Miyamoto-Gun-660x350-622x330 Nick’s Untitled Weekly Wrap Up 8/21/16

Please Buy a WiiU Bundaru


Internet Killed The Video Star

Mega64 talks No Man’s Sky and hype; it’s a definite must listen if you’re on the fence about the game or want to hear a rational point of video on why bad marketing is harmful.


Something We Can All Agree On


Final Thoughts

Lets talk about bandwagoning.  While I’ll be first to admit that its fun to write the occasional joke at someone’s expense, it’s easy to get carried away.  Whether or not you like a game/band/artist/movie, it’s important to remember that all art is subjective and everything is for everyone.  If it wasn’t, then art would be unoffensive and terribly boring. With that in mind, try to check out something new this week, whether it be a song, book, or even an obscure indie game.  Life is more enjoyable when you have an open mind … unless it’s Time Stalkers, fuck that game.  

Stay stick. 
2145005983_3bbdf04571_z-1-440x330 Nick’s Untitled Weekly Wrap Up 8/21/16

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