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The next SaGa title has been announced for a Vita release in 2015 for Japan. Little else was revealed during the 25th anniversary stream; though a free-to-play PC title titled Imperial SaGa was announced separately from the Vita entry. This title will represent the first new title in the sci-fi jRPG series to release on a handheld in over 10 years; and the first title on a Playstation platform in nearly as long. Little else was revealed about the release beyond this and some concept art.

Let me say this regarding the announcement; I think anyone that has taken a closer look at the economics surrounding Vita games would agree; it’s a very niche system. Unfortunately this means that Sony and other developers may have found reason to stop supporting the system with various “AAA” releases; but another thing to note is that as the Vita has matured, it has become increasingly apparent that the dedicated fanbase that owns the system is more than willing to buy titles that come to the platform. A good example of this would be the fact that FF X-X2 HD sold more copies on the Vita during it’s first few weeks of launch in Japan; though other examples (such as Sony’s internal statistics showing that the Vita’s attach-rate is incredibly strong) seem to indicate that this phenomenon is spread-out. Indeed; although the system hasn’t been very successful at courting AAA games, niche titles – mostly jRPGs and a grand allotment of indie games – have increasingly found a home on the platform, in part due to the near guaranteed support that owners of the system seem to provide. More than ever with the recent trend of Vita/PS3 or Vita/PS4 multiplats in Japan, it seems that the systems niche have plenty to be excited for!

In that sense it makes perfect sense why the next SaGa title would see a release on the Vita; a niche title for a niche user-base. It appeals to the types of gamers that would own the system – and due to the cheaper cost of developing on a handheld, it means that the title won’t have to sell as much to generate a profit. Hopefully the fact that this title is already announced for an actual console means that we won’t have another TWEWY iOS-level disappointment on our hands! Sorry for the little tangent there, but anyway…

What are your thoughts regarding the type of platform that the Vita has evolved into; and furthermore, what are your hopes for the title?

James Galizio

Staff Writer

I'm a writer for TechRaptor, and an aspiring indie dev; technology and games in particular have been my passion my whole life, and to contribute to the industry has been my dream. If I'm not writing or working on other work, you can almost always find me playing some sort of game!

  • GDI

    I really like the handheld console ecosystem. I appreciate gaming in bed instead of the couch — I can’t be arsed to even flick a few switches on the power strip to fire up the 5.1 and change the TV mode to video/game input. Plus a combination of other factors — my brother hogging my home theater system, my main big flatscreen dying, too much distractions (whereas w/ handheld you expect to be distracted so you aren’t that annoyed) etc.

    I treat my Vita like I did my Dreamcast. Sure it probably has at least 2 years life (like the Dreamcast) but by gosh aren’t those years filled with some of the best Japanese games ever made.

    Here’s to SaGa on Vita.

  • Really happy to see this game make it to Vita. I think that increasingly JRPGs and similar niche games will find it hard to find a footing in the home console market and so moving to mobile platforms seems the logical step.

  • Richard Drakos

    This is a welcome addition to the Vita library. The Vita has a strong presence in Japan, much like the PSP, so I can see the logic in this announcement. Been a fan of Saga since the SNES days and loved the strong storyline with it’s unforgiving open ended gameplay. A far cry from the “pwn anything thing that moves at lvl 1” open world of today lol

  • Dee Doubs

    What sort of madness leads a company to make a Vita exclusive anyway? It’s not like the platform has a huge install base.

  • Nytezero

    I can’t wait to play it on my Pink Vita 2000. Whoop!

  • James Galizio

    The article explains why they may have made that decision, as Square-Enix has seen success on the handheld in the past (FFX-X2 HD collection being the best example, namely.)