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So with the release of the Ps4 and hot on its heels the release of the Xbox One, I decided I would do a write-up with a more technical breakdown of the specifications of the two consoles, obviously power and therefore graphics aren’t everything, but when we are discussing what are intended to be ‘next gen’ consoles should 1080p resolution be expected? Baring in mind the two consoles are probably likely to last till at least 2016 where 4k should have taken firm establishment.

Microsoft has been hotly disputing that its console was less powerful than the PS4, and more recently pointing out that its console can run 60fps constant versus a lower frame rate of the PS4 (they of course fail to comment on the fact that the resolution is dropped to do this). To summarise before I go into the nitty gritty details, the PS4 is significantly faster, why is this and why did Microsoft choose to go with a slower system?

Both the PS4 and Xbox One use a custom Jaguar based AMD APU, i.e. A cpu and video processing unit all in one chip, this is both efficient, and thanks to recent advances by AMD, actually remarkably powerful when compared to previous ‘onboard’ video. The Jaguar architecture is a currently unreleased mobile aimed CPU which is expected to significantly outperform its previous Bobcat architecture, in the Xbox One and PS4’s cases, the CPU actually had 8 cores which will likely not be reproduced in the laptop parts to be released. However the CPU is almost identical between the two consoles and as such pretty boring as a discussion point, as it is likely the GPU and RAM will be the winning factor in the hardware race.



The GPU in the PS4 is reported to be up to 50% more powerful in certain areas then the Xbox One, for example the compute units, 18 vs 12 for the Xbox One. The Xbox One also reportedly reserves 10% of its GPU power for the Kinect system. These statistics seem to match the early report from developers who stated that the Xbox One had to be ran at 1600×900 vs 1080p on the PS4 for their game to have a 20+ FPS, and the recent announcement that BF4 and CoD Ghosts would both run in lower resolutions on the Xbox One. However the GPU performance alone is not the reason for the resolution differences, more important is the choice of RAM (memory) used by the consoles.


General manager del Castillo with theXbox One's exposed internals.

The PS4 is now confirmed to have 8gb of GDDR5 vs 8gb of DDR3 used by the Xbox one, but does the memory make that much of a difference? The PS4 is calculated to have a bandwidth of 176GB/s while the DDR3 only manages 68GB/s, this will make a huge difference to memory intense activities such as resolution and AA, making for a much more detailed and sharp picture, this will become much more apparent once the consoles are being used on 4K televisions in future years.


Realistically it won’t make a huge difference at the current time as developers will unlikely be able to utilize the full performance for a few years, as past gens have shown that later in life games always look better than launch games, but essentially Sony is future proofing a console that is fundamentally a low to mid powered mobile APU. It is worth noting that the Xbox does have some ESRAM which has been focused on by some critics as the reason for the 720p ‘cap’ that some Xbox One games are struggling to surpass.

A recent teardown by Ifixit shows both consoles appear to have significantly improved cooling solutions over the last gen, although this shouldn’t be too big an issue with the lower nanometer lithiography used by AMD and only needing to cool one ‘chip’.

Sadly for Microsoft, I believe its inability to make a console either smaller, lighter or even cheaper than the PS4 despite being up to 50% less powerful, really hurts its chances to win this generation, although it is heavily pushing the media focus of the console, I believe this will overall be a minor feature with most now expecting Netflix support and anything more is just a gimmick. The PS4 stands to gain a lot of group for Sony after the early failure of the PS3, and as a PS3 owner, I hope the PS4 can provide some great gaming experiences in the years to come.

Corwin Bex

A dedicated PC gamer, I write investigative articles about all things gaming, the juicier and harder to find the details are, the more likely I will seek them. I hope to expand the knowledge of the average gamer to understand the industry and its practices more.
I currently play WoW, various RPG and strategy games, you can catch me on Steam under CozzyB

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  • Kamille

    the 50% claims are only comparing the GPU’s side by side but when you factor in other stuff it becomes even higher than that. If the rumors about the PS4’s CPU running at 1.8GHZ are true then that’s a performance gain over the XB1 and the same with the memory bandwidth.

    Seriously, this is not rocket science people. The PS4’s more powerful than the XB1 piece by piece. And not to mention that the PS4 has 256MB of DDR3 dedicated just for the streaming chip, which is most likely why the XB1 still doesn’t has streaming capabilities for Twitch. It seems MS didn’t factor that.

  • Edonus

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    Cant believe I just read this crap. this is some big as Sony circle jerk non sense. Reading stuff like this makes people dumber. Articles like this is why all the Sony fans have no idea about what the hell they are talking about.

    He really just did a comparison on cherry picked factors. But this was good stelath Sony circle jerk stuff though. Like the 10% of the GPU being reserved for kinect…. no its reserved for everything other than games, like kinect, plus apps, plus the OS. When they get to comparing games resolutions and the reasons you can tell the author is just dumb but once they completely leave out the fact that the X1 with its full memory set meaning including the ESRAM has a higher bandwidth than the Ps4 (he wouldnt even right the numbers which is around 204GBs real world performance) you can tell they are working an agenda.


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  • Wanderlei

    PS4 is weaker than Xbox One

    In 2015-2016 Microsoft will be far ahead for competitors to catch. 2011 designed AMD nootebook APUs inside PS4 will be outdated and that will be good time for Sony to make PS5 as a service only available on PC and Xbox One as they will have no money left to fight Microsoft. PS4 will fail to deliver and Sony will make looses. Xbox One’s future proof HSA 2.0+ 2014 designed tech will show it’s power by that time. Great lie story Sony started back in 2004 could come to end already this starting generation.

  • John Quilty

    Neither console is an HSA device, but the PS4 is closer to HSA than the Xbox One. The PS4 is also indisputably more powerful. It has more GCN units and unified GDDR5 rather than the One’s slower DDR3 with an ESRAM cache.

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    The proof that the PS4 is more powerful than that Xbone of yours, is indisputable, PS4>Xbone, you can’t deny it, they’re both out, go check for yourself.

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  • Wanderlei

    MS has not confirmed what architecture they are using…digital foundry and anandtech are comparing the 2 assuming they are both using the same architecture.

    Well for starters PS4 is GCN 1.1 as it has partial-HSA and APU efficiency.

    X1 has a custom version of GCN 2.0. highly sophisticated and custom.

  • Wanderlei

    MS has not confirmed what architecture they are using…digital foundry and anandtech are comparing the 2 assuming they are both using the same architecture.

    Well for starters PS4 is GCN 1.1 as it has partial-HSA and APU efficiency.

    X1 has a custom version of GCN 2.0. highly sophisticated and custom!

  • BalramRules

    Oh dear, let me simplify it for you. It doesn’t matter whatever architecture it’s using, or any of those facts, because the Xbox One is already out in the wild.
    The stats are shown in the page, and countless other pages, the multi-platform developers (the only ones that are truly unbiased) have all agreed the PS4 has truly outpaced the Xbone in terms of cps,speed, efficiency, and even POWER Consumption etc, on that front (Power Usage is more important than it sounds for a number of reasons, for instance, it significantly reduces the rate of hardware failures, size of console, whether or not the console requires a power brick lol, and so forth).
    The facts are shown, on practically every occassion, the PS4 outperforms the Xbone. You could consider me a PlayStation fanboy this generation, mainly because, this generation there’s no denying it, Sony has had a good start (more like, fantastic start).
    And both consoles are stuck with the hardware they got now, that ain’t going to change, so that’s a few more browny points to Sony.

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    Here have a thumb down, does it feel better?

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    So i will continue this to another site with him.

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  • I could care less about how I’m “voted” in the comments. I have other stuff to attend to. I don’t care what your reasons are, there’s no reason for either of you to fight a personal war in a public forum. I don’t care who comments, but I will be deleting the one that links to his Facebook.

    Open forums are very important to me, so I won’t ban people unless I have to.

  • Dakan45

    You gonna get more of this but not by me, at some point you will reallize people are asses and they need to be moderated in order to behave themselfs.

    Its ironic really as years pass more and more sites become more friendly so everyone is free to troll away, even youtube is a better place to argue now than forums and disquss.


  • J.R. Moore

    Dak, by all means, if you need to be moderated to behave here we will be happy to oblige, but we like to keep the comments flowing and people can say what they want about others comments. Troll away about that.

    What we at TechRaptor will not condone is personal attacks. That’s all. Argue about the subject, not the user.

  • Allen

    That was a good read. Nice story LOL.

    Apparently you don’t understand and sorry but “xbot” wasn’t meant in an attacking way. It’s just a term I use and I think it’s pretty cool really. Better than “xbox gamers”.

    There are true xbots in the sense you thought I meant. These huge xbox fanboys that act like xbox is the best thing ever but they don’t look at anything objectively.

    Xbox is “measurably” inferior. It’s not about who’s plastic box is better. I fought 360 so hard because I hate pay to play. Xbox and Xbox 360 were the only gaming platforms in the world pay to play. Supporting that would do nothing but bad things to the gaming industry I love so dearly.

    Now that Xbox 360 was a success (still lost to PS3 but there is no doubt 360 was a success) despite RROD, exclusives on PC, no free exclusive content, worthless subscription service and grossly missing features the competition had…now we have PS4 pay to play. Nintendo will find a way to do it and PC can find a way to do it (Steam, Origin, Windows Live or even Steam OS). Before you know it gamers like me that enjoy multiple platforms will have to pay $180-$240 per year just to play online. Already right now if you go PS4/X1 you would be paying $110 per year.

    I was very upset when Sony announced pay to play. But since I’ve been a happy PS+ user for a couple years and since online play for non free to play games is the only paywall on PS4 I am living with it. PS+ will have to remain a valuable service for me to continue being happy with the PS brand.

    I have tons of friends that love 360 and fought with me all generation. But the battle is over, PS3 won the fight between the two and may still beat Wii in the next 3-4 years and the damage has been done. Xbox one will eventually get games with gold so I can’t call it a completely worthless service but they still paywall basic features, overprice their hardware/accessories and don’t give free exclusive content like PS gamers get to enjoy.

    So the real battle is over. Now I just hate microsoft because of what they have done and the few things that still bother me with the xbox one. I still say all you have to do is sit back and wait for microsoft to screw over the consumer again (they are doing it again with windows phone 7 xbox video content, focing upgrades to windows phone 8).

    No you are the one fucked up in the head because you come in and attacked everyone. I mean attacked. Fucking cursing at them, telling them to kill themselves the works. And for you to do this if you really are going into Psychology man fuck you. You are purposely trying to what? Make people depressed and kill themselves?

    I love how you call me a high school nerd with no life when you know I’m at work and commenting between jobs. What’s your excuse? LOL

    I will always be a kid at heart, I plan on gaming when I’m 70-90 years old. I hope there’s some kick ass arthritis medicine in the future. Hell maybe games will be more like a holodeck so I won’t need it. Who knows.

    I also love how you are taking this high and mighty road all of a sudden. I mean I’m not the only one calling you out, we got the dude that runs this site and several others LOL.

    So I like to troll sometimes. I do it because I am armed with the right information. Xbox opens it’s own wounds, I just make them apparent. The proof that I respect gamers is in the Attack of the Fanboy comments. That is the site that I love the community, that is the site that I have some of my online friends (and youtube but youtube is also home of my most aweful trolling, I’ll leave bait and pounce on them at the first opportunity). It doesn’t mean that I don’t respect them. What I can’t give people a hard time? I don’t even say anything about them, I just go in and drop a fact bomb.

    I get far more out of my playstations than I do my PC. I’m still a PC gamer but there are things I don’t like about PC. So in some ways PC SUCKS.

  • Allen

    PC sucks in some ways because

    (1) Doesn’t get some of the big title multiplatform games. Red Dead Redemption heavy contender for game of the generation is a no show on PC. Destiny has been confirmed not to be coming to PC and I wouldn’t be so sure it is going to go to it.

    (2) PC doesn’t have huge AAA studios making exclusives for it. It does have a ton of smaller studios making games for it but apparently you don’t know that indie’s are a huge thing on consoles these days. We too have those smaller studios.

    (3) PC doesn’t fit well in the living room. UI for navigating outside of gaming is horrid. Trying to see this little pointer mouse and using windows OS on a 55″ TV…no thanks. Trying to find a comfortable place to put a keyboard/mouse in the living room also sucks and you do need it.

    (4) If my PC is in my living room then it can’t be in the office and it can’t be available as my home media server.

    (5) I love Nintendo and Playstation exclusives. I love Halo as well and some xbox exclusives look good but it’s not worth supporting xbox. There are better games out there and many xbox games come to PC so just like that…if Titanfall is good I’ll get it on PC.

    I believe the best set up is PC & PS4. You get the most amount of games an quality for a combination set up like that. Nintendo I go back and forth on. If it’s a family or kid then WiiU is a good console for them but I would be very concerned about 3rd party support. I’m holding off for a lower price, bigger hard drive and larger library.

  • Dakan45

    “troll away”

    You cant be serious?

    This is why this is happening because there is no moderation gaminbolt was like that thanks to all the trollling they got moderators.

  • Dakan45

    Interesting stuff here. You reallize that the hatred you have for ms way of doing things also applies to people who hate sony for the way they do things? Sony are not saints. Or you gonna be a fanboy and defend them?

    So you say i started insulting but you gone batshit crazy in order to defend sony when i didnt even put any effort. But hey if ps3 “winning” the gen matter so much to you, go ahead sony won.

    Wii has sold the most units, no one gave a flying fuck, what about that eh? Does it matter to ps3/x360 gamers or pc gamers that wii had the most sales? Both sony and ms took huge losses this gen, yet one of them has to “win” why you feel that is right?

    “So the real battle is over”

    So you think that console wars are serious? You spend so much time into that?

    “You are purposely trying to what? Make people depressed and kill themselves?”

    Are you? Because that can cause the same thing to the people you insult or you are not reallizing how much damage you are doing?

    “I’m at work and commenting between jobs”

    ” Hell maybe games will be more like a holodeck so I won’t need it. Who knows.”

    So you never gonna grow up?

    “I mean I’m not the only one calling you out, we got the dude that runs this site and several others LOL.”

    Well as you said

    “So I like to troll sometimes. I do it because I am armed with the right
    information. Xbox opens it’s own wounds, I just make them apparent.”

    “youtube is also home of my most aweful trolling, I’ll leave bait and
    pounce on them at the first opportunity). It doesn’t mean that I don’t
    respect them. What I can’t give people a hard time? I don’t even say
    anything about them, I just go in and drop a fact bomb.”

    So you admit you are doing damage and yet you are still dellusional that you are “respecting them”

    I dont know what is more serious, the fact you are commenting between jobs and thus taking this so seriously or that you think that going around annoying people calling them morons idiots and other stuff is “Respecting them”

    Would you say i “respected” you? Would you say it was nice that i gave you hard time?

    i dont think thats how you feel.

    As for the “fact bomb” you need proof of that, otherwise its just an opinion.

    like saying ” in some ways PC SUCKS.”

    How can PC SUCK in some way yet be so vocal about it? Seems you clearly dont like pc, get admit that its the best and then still say it SUCKS.

    Let me show you the first posts i read from you

    “Wow you are one freaking idiot.

    In what freaking world do you live in? Sony didn’t lie about anything although I will say they were cocky with the PS3.

    Basically Sony lost a ton of market share by waiting on the PS3 for
    blu ray which it also put in the PS3 to ensure they won the format war.
    It was a ballsy move, one that cost them but won them that format war.”

    “You are a dumb pus infected dangling butt hair spewing disinformation.

    “PC fucking sucks you fucking idiot. It was great in the PS2 days when it could differentiate it’self. But now days it’s is very limited in it’s offerings with huge games like Red Dead Redemption and Destiny not even coming to the platform.

    I still have a gaming PC but I get far more out of a console than I do my PC. More games I care about (PC exclusives are cheap junk), more support, no headaches, no upgrades, no playing with settings, better UI for everything on a big screen TV (outside of big picture mode) and better controls for the living room (keyboard/mouse are funky).

    The only thing PC has on it’s side is (1) Best FPS due to keyboard/mouse (at a desk) (2) Highest graphics quality (although there’s almost no examples of this) (3) Cheap Steam games (4) Emulator (5) Everything a PC does – DVD burning, home media server ect.”

    You called me an idiot and said “pc gaming sucks you fuckign idiot”

    Then you talk about “accepting other peoples opinions”

    Could that reaction not be becaue of me which you never saw me before, but from some “xbots” that piss you off on attack of the fanboy?

    Yet the first time you saw me you insulted me like you knew me.

    Could it be thats the problem?

    But HEYYYYY you respect gamers right?


    So much respect here.

    That reaction wasnt even meant to happen, but you got frustrated from something you read previously and took it out on me.

    You can start or end a post with “i respect you” but if you insult them it will not do anything, it will be just a bunch of world that you can throw easilly and dont really believe em like “i love you”.

    Then you claimed i was using fake acounts because “its impossbile that everyone will agree with this idiot”

    Yet you were on a xbox one thread and people upvoted me and the guy who said “sony paupers” because we were against you sony fanboys.

    I took the trolls side by making it clear that i agree with him, saying “i love these so i will keep upvoting them”

    Then proceeded into classifying me as a “Xbot” as a threat and you became hostile against me.

    For what? For BELIEVING that i am an a “xbot” that came to piss on sony and you defended them.

    Really? Do you think Yoshida cares about you? He presents himself as an actual person to make you feel closer to the sony as a person not as a mutibillion dollar corperation that stretches all over the world.

    Yet you defend their brand like crazy.

    What if i told you that at some point in the futue consoles will die and sony plans on streaming old games through every system, pc, tvs, even your phone.

    Would it matter to you who makes the plastic object you use to play those games?

    What if someone uses a pc to play old psx games becaue of better resolllution/graphics and customizable controls.

    Is that person a pc gamer or a playstation gamer?

    Companies come and go, first commodore 64 was king and so was atari, then pcs beat commodore 64 and nitendo came. Then sega tried to win, but nitendo won. Then windows won over ibm. Then sony beat nitendo, then ps2 beat xbox then x360 was on top of ps3 for many years, then ps3 came on top. Now sony wants to go consumer friendly to get sales while ms was sure that they gonna get sales like all corperations do and they didnt put any effort into xbox one so they wanted to sell a more expensive weaker console with drm. On the other hand wiiu is dying and steambox is coming.

    So what matters to you the most playing games on playing games on a playstation system?

    You may think that people who buy all of the consoles are idiots but as it would seem they are the smartest ones.

    Think about those things and try to be more open than insult everyone because they dont like sony. Or you can keep living with hate in your mind, but that hate and urge to reply to “xbots” is a creation of your own mind and you can simply evade it by not replying to one simple message you see.

    Just like that, you can easilly take control of you life and let go this addiction.

  • Allen

    I started reading that but it got really boring. You are trying to twist things around. I “attacked” you as a response to the nonsense ass hole you were being to everyone and your bull shit posts.

    You have nothing. The whole point of me doing any trolling at all is because xbox sucks in every measurable way and these people are hating on Sony just because. They don’t have any reasons, like you. Also you were spewing disinformation saying Sony lied and that they took out the other OS taking away features when that’s just not the truth. I don’t know anything about the CGI thing so send me a link or whatever, I don’t fucking care. I’ve been gaming since I was 5 and lived these experiences and actively research this stuff because I enjoy it.

    Yeah I don’t ever wanna grow up. All my life I only cared about being happy and having fun. I am the same today and hope that never changes. I think it makes me a better parent but whatever, you will probably just try to say shit about my kids now because you really are just a pathetic ass hole trying to attack everyone.

  • Allen

    Here’s the very first thing I read by you

    “how so? ps4 had ton of problems appearing on launch, but the sony fags are not gonan admit that sony can make mistakes.”

    So yeah I didn’t like you from the moment I saw you attacking and cursing at everyone and saying shit about sony.

    I love Sony and can admit that there have been some hiccups in the PS4 launch. How is that a “ton” of problems? This is a massive new hardware launch, problems happen. The point is at the end of the day you don’t want the console you support to have 33-55% hardware failures like RROD. You can make up all the names you want but PS4 is very reliable and a high quality piece of equipment that gives me far more than my PC ever has.

    So what, you gonna flip out on me, call me a faggot and tell me to kill myself because I personally enjoy playstation the most?

    That is why you need to be put in your place.

  • Dakan45

    Why you posted this? I already told you that nearly every big game is on pc and in this gen even more will come thanks to the architecture. Destiny is not confirmed to never hit pc, like titanfall is, it just not in development right now. Even old games that were never released on pc are released on pc but the console dudebros wouldnt know about that.

    No pc doesnt have AAA studios but the AAA label has quickly turned into a joke, even jim sterlign and yantzee crosshaw say that pc is better for next gen than consoles becasue of how much of a joke AAA development has become. Indie games are actualy moreworth their price

    But ofcourse you love sitting in the couch. Would you consider an xbox? Nope you said it already doesnt worth buying fo halo. Would you consider a steambox?

    Something tells me you wont because you just used to sony consoles and cant change it now… but what i dont undestand is how vocal you are about pc SUCKING when you infact have one and use it.

    Could it be because i used pc and dont like what sony has turned into this gen? Thus you use that to fight me?

  • Allen

    And you are wrong because you are a dip shit ass wipe that thinks he knows everything. But you are fucking wrong buddy.

    Where’s Red Dead Redemption? Came out almost 4 fucking years ago. Still no PC release. That alone is proof. Also like I fucking said EXCLUSIVES. Sony has an army of studios pumping out AAA games for all genre.

    Also free exclusive content in all the best AAA multi plats. PS3 it was Red Dead Redemption, LA Noire, Batman AA & AC, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, FEAR, Saints Row the Third, Fight Night, Battlefield, Assassins Creed, Mafia 2, Far Cry 3 and more. PS4 it’s Destiny, Watchdogs & Assassins Creed.

    Big stuff to me too. I’m talking about additional free games, exclusive game modes, characters, skins, free DLC. Stuff as a PC or Xbox gamer you can’t have on these huge games that I love.

    OMG you are such a dumb ass. You pick and choose what reality you want to live in.

    I don’t sit on the couch, I told you I will never grow up. I sit front and center on the floor just like when I was a kid. Couch is not comfortable for me and I like being right there in front of this massive TV.

    I’ve also said SEVERAL FUCKING TIMES that I game PC, Nintendo and Playstation. FYI I am interested in Steam Box but am concerned because Steam is Origins rival and Battlefield is probably my favorite game these days. Not sure if it would come to that system because of that.

    Also I’m concerned about price and the controller but who knows, maybe steambox will replace my PC.

    so what the fuck is your problem now again?

  • Dakan45

    This was a direct troll bait on sony fanboys who bash xbox all the time but hey when sony fuckups, they defend them.

    Ironicly you took the bait and as you said “need to be put in your place.”

    Do you feel it was “needed” as “required”

    Even when i pointed out how sony decided to force a 600$ console with bluray on you and horrible architecture to make porting games to other systems harder, you still defended them.

    it seems to me you care more about the brand the experiance because you identified one with the other. As Evil within creator said, there is no need for two consoles anymore, it should just be one console and pc it will make everything easier.

    But hey one console means monopolizing the market which allows them to screw you over kinda how ps3 tried to do and how xbox one tried to do, believing they were not gonna face competition.

    So a new console is coming out, steambox, do you feel the need to “put it in its place” as well and bash it, despite trying to breach gaps between pc and console, give a better controller and improve the distrubition sale model.

    Or is that hatred reserved for “xbots”

    Or is it just sony that you NEED to defend?

  • Dakan45

    Now why you result into name calling again?

    I already explained this to you red dead redemption was not made by rockstar north it was made by san diego who has NEVER made a pc game on a modified gta iv engine which didnt work well on pc YET bully was released on pc out of nowhere, same with la noire and castlevania lords of shadow, brutal legend, oddysey to the west, deadly premonition even ikaruga is coming.

    So i guess that proves you wrong.

    Why are w saying things that we have already discussed? Could it be because you didnt pay attention to me at the first time becasue you ignoraed everything i said because i was a thread to you?

  • J.R. Moore

    Keep it to the discussion and no personal attacks. One more and this topic will be closed and a heavily edited comment will be put in place…

  • Dakan45

    So no you refused to understand what exactly you are and you are going back at defending sony and spewning missinformation and hating on xbox and peple like me because we have no “reasons” to hate sony.

    But hey everyone hates sony for no reason right?

  • Dakan45

    Not locking it over this, nice try.

  • Allen

    This is exactly what I’m talking about. I had to fall into the trap of you saying something to lock the topic. So now it is, but before it gets locked…

    Sony didn’t force a $600 console on anyone and putting blu ray in the PS3 was a huge gamble. It was a ballsy move and probably hurt them more than helped them.

    I believe multiple consoles are needed, even though I hate Xbox I can say that they keep Sony on their toes. Competition is good and Nintendo sure as hell didn’t push Sony.

    “It seems you care more about the brand than the experience”

    This applies to you buddy. I’ve told you countless times why Playstation has become my #1 platform. (1) High end hardware at the right price (2) Sony exclusives (3) Free exclusive content in AAA multi plats (4) Highly valuable subscription service (5) Entertainment (blu ray/browser/upscale DVD/internet music/online movie rental/streaming service/connects to PC as home media server). I have more entertainment than I ever had before with my PS3. (6) More games that I care about than PC between the exclusives and 3rd party titles that never come to it. (6) Perfect for the living room both in functionality and controls.

    I find it odd that you have to call people faggots and tell them to kill themselves just because they prefer something you don’t.

    Oh no…I’m sure me, the tens of millions of console gamers out there and everyone on all the sites you post shit on are the one’s fucked up in the head…

  • Dakan45

    “Sony didn’t force a $600 console on anyone and putting blu ray in the PS3 was a huge gamble.”

    “High end hardware at the right price ”

    There you go getting a response from me, I was so angry that I couldn’t even type correctly.

  • Dakan45

    oh look he insulted me again, where is the ban eh?

  • J.R. Moore

    Easy Princess…no ban, locking the topic. Thanks for playing guys!