Today during Sony’s Pre-TGS press conference, Nihon-Falcom corporation has both announced and debuted it’s next title in the Ys franchise; marking the first adventure that Adol Christin will be taking on next-gen hardware. No title has been announced for the game quite yet, and as such what relation it has to the Ys timeline is still dubious at best, as seeing that some of the latest Ys titles have been remakes of earlier games!


What we do know is that the area that Adol seems to be saving from some unspeakable evil is some sort of coastal region; and that the party-system combat that seems to be returning has been tweaked and upgraded – perhaps due to the new camera angles also present in the trailer. Adol can once again jump, and the series signature soundtrack also seems to be composed by the same musician that worked on Ys: Memories of Celceta at first listen.

Japanese site Game Watch  supplies some screenshots from the trailer, which I have attached below. Needless to say, these pictures are from the PS4 version; and so we do not know how similar the Vita version of the game will be; my bet is that it will look similar to how Memories of Celceta looked, but we won’t know until the game has been released proper on the system. For all we know, it could be an entirely different game!

You can definitely tell that this is Falcom’s first work on PS4; and it’s even possible to see some aspects that may be left from upscaling the Vita version of the game.

















Regardless of the various differences that may or may not be present between the Vita and PS4 versions of the game; this next Ys title is scheduled for a Japanese release next year. You can almost certainly expect Marvelous USA’s XSEED Games branch to localize the game shortly thereafter.

We’ll be keeping you updated on this game and it’s partner for localization as such information comes in.

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