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Adult gaming portal Nutaku will be launching their most recent visual novel, Crimson Gray. Developed by Sierra Lee, the game offers erotic scenarios and an emotional romance. Crimson Gray will be released on June 29, 2017.

Crimson Gray

Crimson Gray

Crimson Gray begins with protagonist John having fallen into a deep depression. His life is dull and seemingly meaningless until he meets an intriguing girl named Lizzie. Full of life and enthusiasm, she brings color back into John’s life and they begin a loving and lustful relationship.

Featuring a deep storyline in which characters react to decisions in complex ways, players will be faced with choices that affect the mental state of the characters. Managing John and Lizzie’s emotional states and their relationship adds an interesting perspective to this erotic love story. The choices you make will determine which of the multiple endings you achieve. If you want to see how things might have played out differently you can play through again making different decisions, you may be surprised by what the result is ranging from death, to break up, to happily ever after.

Crimson Gray includes uncensored sex scenes that have been woven into the storyline. There is also a gallery mode where you can view unlocked scenes. For a peek at some screenshots from the game, including some NSFW pictures, you can visit the game’s store page.



Marking the launch of Crimson Gray, Sierra Lee’s previous game Ouroboros will be going on sale.  The sexy single player RPG follows a hero on a quest to save a princess however, you discover that this has all happened before and it’s up to you to discover the truth. The unconventional game will be available at a 66% discount lowering the price to $5. You can get it here. Visual Novel Crimson Gray will be available for $10 on Nutaku.

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