Less than a day out from the first conference of E3 and the leaks are still coming strong. Platinum Games, of Bayonetta and recently Legend of Korra fame, have had their new game Transformers: Devastation leaked. Images first appeared online ad shortly after that the game appeared on Best Buy Canada. This is the game that was most likely teased to be a large portion of IGN’s E3 presentation were we can expect more information on the title.

Information that we now have on the game includes its October 6 2015 release date, that it will be coming to PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Transformers: Devastation is a brawler game based upon the first generation of Transformers cartoons. The combat is said to be fast paced allowing for robot to vehicle attacks, counterattacks and a multitude of combos to create a “unique master combat system”.

Transformers Devastation 2

Take the fight to Megatron in this classic Transformers brawler!

Playable characters will include Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Wheelijack, and Grimlock. Not only will these characters be retaining their looks from the animated TV show, with some added shading, but they will also be keeping their original voice actors including Peter Cullen (Optimus Prime), Dan Gilvezan (Bumblebee) and Frank Welker (Megatron and Soundwave) just to name a few.

As stated earlier expect more information about Transformers: Devastation to come out during E3 this week.

What do you think about the look of Transformers: Devastation? Are you excited to see what Platinum games will do with this franchise?

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