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The weekend was kind to Mass Effect fans, as a bunch of new info was revealed for the upcoming sci-fi RPG by BioWare, Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Most of the information sprouted from two separate trailers, one cinematic trailer made entirely of in-game cutscenes showing off what is possibly the narrative beats of the in-game storyline.

The cinematic trailer has the Pathfinder and the rest of the Milky Way races come into contact with a Kett only known as the Archon, who demands their surrender immediately or else they would be destroyed. The trailer does focus mostly on Scott Ryder and individually highlights squad members throughout. Newly revealed in this trailer includes a look at the two human squadmates, Liam Kosta and Cora Harper.

Another big reveal is a new alien species, which BioWare has confirmed is called the Angara. Their overall look is somewhat similar to the tentacle-headed beings the Twi’leks from Star Wars, but with smoother skin and more symmetrical faces. The trailer showcases Ryder meeting with the Angara in what seems like a peaceful attempt to broker communication with them. Unlike the Kett, the Angara seem to be much more friendly as a race.

Angara Race Mass Effect Andromeda - New Mass Effect Andromeda Details, Trailers and Info

The Angara in Mass Effect: Andromeda. Who knows what role they will play.

An interesting tidbit of information has also possibly revealed that an Angara named Jaal will become a squad-mate, or at least have an important role to play in the game. The name comes from a Vinyl Pop! series for Mass Effect: Andromeda, which features figures for Liam, Peebee, and Sarah Ryder as well. Jaal, who is perhaps the featured Angara above, is among those figures, leading folks to speculate he will be a potential squadmate for the game.

Thus far, five characters have been confirmed to be squad-mates, and the only ones that have gotten any form of introduction are the two humans in another Andromeda Initiative trailer. The trailer, narrated by Cora, details the chain of command for the Pathfinder ship Tempest, and features mini-bios for the Ryder siblings, their father Alec Ryder, Liam and Cora, and the ship’s AI, named SAM.

BioWare has also been more candid with information regarding Andromeda. According to Dualshockers. General Manager Aaryn Flynn noted that the full squad list will be revealed soon, and hinted that several other characters have yet to be revealed for the game. Most of these characters can also be potential romance options, in which only Cora and Liam are confirmed to be, for male and female Ryder, respectively. Producer Michael Gamble also hinted at the ability to “kiss” the Angara, which makes them a potential romance option as well for the player.

Other tidbits of information include some minor gameplay info, such as the game recognizing the names “Scott” and “Sara” if you select to use the default names at character creation, as well as selecting the kind of training Ryder received while in the Milky Way. Minigames such as the hacking game from Mass Effect also return, and BioWare has also confirmed that PC players will have the option to unlock the game’s frame-rate if they wish. Sadly, there will be no cross-platform multiplayer between PC and the consoles for the game.

Mass Effect: Andromeda will release on March 21st in North America and March 23rd in Europe.

So what are your thoughts on the new info revealed for Mass Effect: Andromeda? Leave your comments below.

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  • Sarusig Musicman

    It’s quite incredible how all three human squad members on that picture have the most slapable faces I remember seeing in a game in a while. I’d understand one of them, but no, all 3 look like douche kids. That’s… quite the accomplishment. Last time a cast annoyed me that much it was Far Cry 3 – and I’m fairly sure it was on purpose to at least some degree.

  • Robert Grosso

    You don’t like the way they look? Why is that? Just the hair, the overall facial expression?

  • Sarusig Musicman

    The stupid hair cut, the “so deep” gaze, the perfect smooth face, the fact that every single one of them is making a face saying “look at this expression, this is the one trait my character has”. They look like actors holding plastic guns (with their fingers on the trigger). Not actual people going to fight. If you told me this was a new CSI spin-off, CSI: Citadel, I’d totally believe you.

  • oldirtybaron

    Considering we’ve got Liam growing an afro, there better be awesome hair and beards in this game.

    And I agree with another poster; the humans do have relentlessly douchey faces. Thankfully you can change most of them.

  • Scionyde

    Faces just seem to be a little weird in general in this game. I don’t know, maybe I’m just spoiled by how high quality the faces were in Witcher 3…

  • Ricardo Lima

    Haha The art design onthe character faces and expressions looks somewhat weird. True.

  • Robert Grosso

    It could be a sort of uncanny valley effect because of the Frostbite engine, kind of like how the subtle muscles in the mouth were shown in the previous trailers and stuff.

    I think they look fine, personally. The hair is the part that is a bit of out of the two squadmates, but other than that I have no issue with their looks.

  • BlueBoomPony

    I wouldn’t quite go that far, but the open and virulently racist members of the dev team have turned me off to it. Yeah, I’ll go give my money to people who don’t hate me for how I was born.

    The shit bomb that was ME3 (and I don’t just mean the ending) pretty much sealed off that universe to me. If ME4 turns out to be the greatest thing to ever hit gaming, I can always borrow a copy.

  • GrimFate

    I keep hearing about the cancer behind the scenes at Bioware and it is definitely enough to put me off buying their games.