Today at RTX there were two new announcements made for the new Halo Master Chief Collection released by Andy Dudynsky, the community manager of the 343 Manager. At their panel they announced a return of a fan favorite Halo map with new textures and what seems to be a complete redesign and they also announced a new vehicle.

The return of Coagulation, The Halo 2 version of Blood Gulch was announced. They showed only concept art but from what we can see there is still the key features of “two bases in a box canyon” but on top of that they have added more crevices and an all around upheaval of features such as paths, caves and placements of obstacles.

Coagulation Halo MCC

Coagulation Concept Art

The new vehicle is an upgrade to the Mongoose ATV called the Gungoose. For this again all we have is concept art but from that we also have the additional detail of the “Light anti-infantry weapon optional attachment”. The concept art for it is impressive and may leave us questioning whether this will be like the Gauss Warthog and be readily available in the field or if might be something you have to add.

GunGoose Halo MCC

What do you think of changing Blood Gulch once again? Or the new look to the Gungoose? Let us know in the comments below.

Live gameplay of the changes to the Ascension map were also shown at RTX. Some changes that were shown were the new graphical changes that were made, that skill jumps are more accessible for less experienced players and that all changes that have been made are made to never hinder the experience of the player and only to enhance it.

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