On Thursday Bethesda Games released the new 1.7 update for their popular mobile and PC game Fallout Shelter. Releasing last year during the Fallout 4 announcement this new update brings a variety of new quests and objectives including one to tie in with the upcoming release of Nuka-World DLC for Fallout 4, which releases on August 30th. 

New general quests have been added to the Overseer’s Office. This means that when you send out your dwellers on excursions there are new objectives that they can be working towards. There will also be Weekly Quests, Special Events, and even Holiday Quests that will be appearing throughout the year. It is also possible to spend Nuka-Cola Quantum now to be able to skip any of the quests that you don’t want to complete.

Fallout Shelter Bottle and Cappy

In lead up to the new DLC Bottle and Cappy, the two mascots of Nuka World, will be showing up as Fallout Shelter’s first Special Events. When you log onto the game there will be a special Nuka-World themed missions, after you’ve completed it then the mascots will appear in your vault. If you tap on them they will give you both caps and Nuka-Cola Quantum. 

Lastly there will be a variety of new objectives being added that the player can choose to complete not only as a challenge but also as a way to earn additional resources.

This update is available now and playable on Android, iOS, and PC via the Bethesda.net Launcher.

Quick Take

Fallout Shelter released to a lot of publicity but since then there has been a noticeable decline. Updates like this are a really good thing for Fallout Shelter, not just weekly content to bring players back week after week but also in using the news of new Fallout 4 content to also bring players back to their vaults, even if this is only a one off tie in.

What do you think of the additions made in the 1.7 of Fallout Shelter? Are you going to be trying to complete these new objectives? Do you like the idea of tying the main game in with the mobile game? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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