In a new video on their YouTube channel, Privateer Press announced the upcoming release of the next edition of their skirmish wargames Warmachine and Hordes set to release on June 29th. The announcement video is light on gaming details, but it does promise the addition of a new class of battle box casters that will work at any level of the game.


Warmachine and Hordes pit players in skirmish battles with armies loaded with either fantastical steam-powered monstrosities and magical technology (Warmachine) or garden-variety flesh and blood monstrosities (Hordes) in a hand-hitting, no-holds-barred battle for control of the Iron Kingdoms, and beyond.

This won’t be just a new rulebook. Privateer Press will also be releasing new decks for each faction in the game containing copies of every stat card updated for the new edition. Nine new Battlegroup starter boxes will be available at the new edition’s launch, with each box introducing a new warcaster or warlock, depending on game system. The new boxes will cost $39.99 USD and contain a rules digest, a quick start guide, dice, and all the various accessories needed to get started bashing heads in. Privateer Press will also have copies of the rules in German and French available on June 11th for players in the Lock and Load tournament, and on June 29th for everyone else.

Contents of the upcoming Battlegroup box for the Protectorate of Menoth. Image courtesy of Privateer Press.

Contents of the upcoming Battlegroup box for the Protectorate of Menoth. Image courtesy of Privateer Press.

The company also launched a new website for the games, which appears to simply be a slideshow giving an overview of the game and the hobby as a whole, along with images of all the upcoming Battleboxes and their contents. Be advised: the site appears to be getting heavy traffic at the time of writing, so it may take few tries to get it to load properly. Full details on the new releases are available in the press release here.

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