A unique Japanese dungeon RPG called Hyakki Castle is coming West this winter. Developed by Asakusa Studios and published by Happinet, this new game will be released for PC via Steam. Influenced by famous Japanese scrolls and artists, the game offers a stylized 3D experience.

Set in Edo Japan, Hyakki Castle is a real time role playing game in which players will explore a fictional haunted 18th-century castle. The castle is located on Hyaki Island where skilled criminals were exiled from society and ghosts and demons are rumored to exist. Players will make their way through the dangerous and eerie place using strategy and skill.

Masaru Saito of Happinet explains the game’s appeal saying,

We wanted to bring a fresh new approach and subject matter to this generation of dungeon RPG gamers, Hyakki Castle borrows from a rich period of time in Japan’s ancient history and aims to deliver a memorable experience through our strong Japanese warrior classes along with unusual monsters and supernatural creatures that are unique to Japanese folklore.

Real time gameplay is a combination of puzzle solving and combat with challenging boss fights with the goal of taking down the lord of the castle. Hyakki Castle features the unique ability to split up your party of four characters into two groups of two to be directed separately. This novel mechanic can be used to avoid deadly traps and give players more options. Your party will be made up of the Japanese characters classes of samurai, ninja and monk. Races to choose from include oni, tengu or nekomata.

Hyakki Castle

Split up your party to do more at once.

Furthering the game’s homage to Japanese heritage are Ukiyo-e style graphics and traditional music. This music combined with eerie ambient sounds create a suspenseful and frightening environment. Players will be able to delve through the enormous grounds of the haunted Hyakki Castle and slay it’s nefarious lord on PC via Steam this winter.

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