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Bandai Namco previously announced that the Western versions of God Eater Resurrection will be having blood toned down to comply with ESRB/PEGI ratings and that no other content is altered. Oprainfall has now obtained new details on this censorship, as well as some other information that may be seen as rather bittersweet.

Firstly, Bandai Namco has explained that it will be the blood during the devouring scenes that will be altered. This refers to when your weapon becomes a giant set of fangs that bites into the enemy, resulting in blood splattering all over the screen.

This feature was uncensored in Western versions of the PSP’s Gods Eater Burst, which is what God Eater Resurrection is an updated version of. However, the vastly improved graphics could be the reason for it now becoming a problem in regards to rating issues.

In fact, the Japanese version of the God Eater Resurrection was rated CERO D over in Japan, whilst Burst was only rated CERO C, and so this does seem likely.

Bandai Namco didn’t want the game to receive a rating higher than a Teen rating, as they will be offering buyers of the sequel, God Eater 2: Rage Burst, a free code to download a copy of God Eater Resurrection. To be able to do this, the first game must match the Teen rating of the sequel.

Also, whilst the game will be censored, it will also be somewhat uncensored. The PSP version had a scene removed in the West where a character’s breasts are grabbed by another character who exclaims “Soft! Soft!” This has been confirmed to be restored in the updated release.

However, what is not known at this stage is if there will be edits made to the smoking scenes shown during the intro. As Censored Gaming spotted in the video above, multiple instances of smoking were removed during a recent stream of the game.

You will be able to pick God Eater Resurrection up on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita June 28th and Steam August 30th.

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  • discusser

    It’s not 1986, Nintendo doesn’t have a near-monopoly on vidya, but they’re still censoring games for regional differences in the current year as to not offend prudes.

  • MusouTensei

    Big problem with the ESRB is that there is T and M but nothing in between, like in europe where we have 12, 16 and 18 (I do think a 14 and a 21 should also exist).

  • Reptile

    Lol, for the first time ever they are restoring a boob scene while censoring a blood / violence one to the west. Is today the opposite day?

  • Lepito

    “Bittersweet” is right. Most of these changes are things that I can reluctantly make exceptions for, provided this is where it begins and ends.

  • Reptile

    And in the end if ESRB even mattered COD wouldn’t be filled with loud kids.

  • Azure

    Age rating is a flawed system overall anyway. Teens should be allowed to see proper nudity/sex and most forms of Violence, 18+ should be for basically porn and the most extreme cases of violence.

  • “The PSP version had a scene removed in the West where a character’s breasts are grabbed by another character who exclaims “Soft! Soft!” This has been confirmed to be restored in the updated release”


  • Michele

    Ruining a product on purpose is not cleaver at all.
    Spending money on things that were not asked and then lamenting that game developement is expensive is also contradictory.

  • Galbador

    And another game I don’t buy. This is getting frustrating. Oi, video games companies. It would be nice to have a game, that is not censored. I have so much money, which I like to invest in your companies, but apparently it is easier to listen to SJWs and feminists instead of the fans. Oh well….

  • SevTheBear

    Oh yes….

  • Feniks

    Here in my country a store can be closed if they sell 18 rated games to minors.

    This is actually a good system because in exchange adults can enjoy whatever degenerate stuff Japan can come up with.

  • BasedLink

    Smoking being censored doesn’t even bother me one bit. It’s such a minor detail, I probably wouldn’t have even noticed it was gone if it wasn’t pointed out.

  • Daniel-Adrian Toparceanu

    Lindow turns badass when he starts smokingon the battlefield!

  • GamersBlogX

    In case you didn’t know by now, smoking was actually not censored in-game. Not sure if it was censored in the intro animation or not though, I’d have to watch it again.
    EDIT: Rewatched the intro, and Lindow still smokes. So it seems smoking was untouched entirely.