My Nintendo aficionados will have another use for their Gold Points in March of this year – you’ll be able to spend them on software for the Nintendo Switch according to a news post on Nintendo’s UK website.

If you’re unfamiliar with the program, My Nintendo is a rewards program that awards you points when you purchase games or use certain apps with your account. The service has exclusive items for apps like Super Mario Run, discounts on software, and exclusive games like Picross Zelda. My Nintendo is a rewards program that can be used free of charge, so if you’re a Nintendo diehard then there’s no reason not to sign up for it.

The list of potential rewards is set to expand in early March 2018. My Nintendo users can spend their Gold Points on software from the Nintendo eShop either through your console or via the My Nintendo website. If you’re coming up a bit short for a purchase, you can make up the difference with any of the usual payment methods. Gold Points earned through My Nintendo will be valid until the last day of the same month of the following year. That is, if you earned 100 points on March 3, 2018, you would have until March 31, 2019 to spend them before they disappear.

This is the latest iteration of a rewards program from the Japanese-based video game hardware & software creator. The previous version – dubbed Club Nintendo – was criticized for lackluster rewards in Europe and not existing at all in North America. The upcoming changes to My Nintendo should mean that things will be a little more even, but Japan nonetheless continues to get cooler stuff than the rest of us – one of the Japanese-exclusive rewards from late last year was a selection of smartphone cases. Fingers crossed that Nintendo steps up their game in the Western world!

Do you use My Nintendo? Do you think you would use your Gold Points on buying eShop software for the Nintendo Switch or are the exclusive products a better value? Let us know in the comments below!

Robert N. Adams

Senior Writer

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