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After a calamitous launch on the PC, developers High Voltage studios have ditched the streaming installer from the steam version of Nether Realm’s Mortal Kombat X.

For the uninitiated, a streaming installer is when part of the game is installed first, so you can get up and playing at least a minimal part of the game, and the rest is installed in the background as you play. Its a good idea, and its something the Xbox One does quite well, but, unfortunately, Mortal Kombat X‘s system did not. Many users are reporting that parts of the game were unavailable, even after reinstalls and cache verifications, so its scrapping is a welcome change. Total Biscuit made a video reporting that even the Kredits roll was not working for him, of all the things to stream install, you think that wouldn’t be included.

The post was made on the official Mortal Kombat X steam community group by user CookieMunsterCheese, who, by the official spin on the post, I can only assume is a developer for High Voltage studio or Nether Realm, and is to take effect immediately.

Now that they seem to have this under control, the next thing on the players agendas seems to be the frame rate, which switches between 30fps in the cutscenes to 60fps in the main game, which is extremely visible and very jarring to the players. The game is also plagued by reports of people with semi high end rigs not being able to hit 60fps without manual changes and driver installs. Lets hope all that is fixed soon.

Did any of you guys experience this problem? Would you like to see the frame rate fixed? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • beny

    Cool, I’ll buy it later when it’s on sale (and numerous expected bugfix)

  • Jason Ashman

    My guess is t here will be a few more to come, so not a bad idea to wait it out

  • Travis

    Ugh, they mucked up the cutscenes again? In MK9, they look like YouTube videos from 2005. I’d be pissed if I paid more than $5 for the game.

  • Jason Ashman

    Yeah the cut scenes look awful.

  • Randel

    I love MkX but I think the PC release was handled poorly bad and the problems with the online aren’t making me feel any better about my day one purchase.

  • HisShadowX

    They need to scrap this all together for the consoles as well. Ever since Sony started this in The Last of Us if you left your system on all night till it finished downloading it only downloads the launcher and you have to remain in the game downloader to finish downloading and sadly I don’t have Google Fiber anywhere in my area.

    GTA V has been the worst offender I’ve ever seen it refuses to background download and if for some reason you get disconnected or exit out of the app by accident it doesn’t matter if your at 90% it goes back to ZERO!

    It’s like the 90s all over again. I’ll never understand the Windows 8 generation why make a simple process that was made easy over the years into a complicated mess?

    Something that used to be a 2 step process now has you doing more just took two quick steps

  • d0x360

    The whole point of steam preloaded games is so on day 1 the servers don’t get destroyed from all the users. So what do they do? They design a new install system that only works on day 1 and destroys all the bandwidth and on top of it was so broken it didn’t even work.

    Stick with preloading steam… Please. I had to DL mkx 3 times. Granted I have a 75mbps connection to I downloaded gta5 and mkx in a out an hour and 40 min total but still…I’m lucky. Most don’t have those speeds.

  • Reptile

    How does this stream install sounded like a good idea to begin with? Seriously, I can understand that if the game is linear and you don’t get to choose your character. Let’s say I want to play as Sub-zero, guess what mo**rf**ker, Sub-zero is on part 12 play as jhonny cage or wait untill it is over. Do you want to play on the arena? Too bad it is on part 5. (Hypothetical examples).

  • Jason Ashman

    It would make a lot more sense if steam didn’t have pre loading functionality, but it does.

  • Jason Ashman

    I’m about to move from a 100mbps fibre connection to a 1.5mbps adsl connection, so I really hope this doesnt become a trend.