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If you’ve been excited for an Alien vs Predator smackdown on your PC, I’m afraid you’re going to have to stick to the FPS games, because you sure aren’t getting it from Netherrealm Studios. According to a post from community specialist Tyler Lansdown on, PC gamers are being left behind with all the work that is being done to update Mortal Kombat X like the upcoming Kombat Pack 2, the beta to improve the netcode of the game, and the upcoming compilation edition Mortal Kombat XL. Mortal Kombat XL is being released March 1 for Xbox One and Playstation 4, and will include both Kombat Packs as well as the base game for $29.99 but as stated will not be arriving on PC.

To clarify, the upcoming Kombat Pack consists of four new fighters, including black sheep of the series Bo-Rai-Cho and the iconic Xenomorph from Alien. On top of that, Mortal Kombat XL has all of the DLC, including both Kombat Packs, Goro, and all of the character skins. There’s also the Enhanced Online beta to improve the online connectivity which currently has signups and it’s own trailer for the enhanced online code. None of this will be coming to PC.

Mortal Kombat X has had PC issues since launch, including the awful experience that was trying to get the game to even work at launch with it experimenting with the ‘streaming install’ that divided the game into 23 packages that had to be downloaded separately. On top of that, the PC version hasn’t had the most active playerbase either, only managing to gain a little over 1,000 active players yesterday, although according to Steam Spy the game has around 500k owners on PC. It is possible that improving the netcode and adding some new characters would have invigorated the playerbase on PC, but it appears that instead Warner Brothers is just leaving the game to die on it’s own.

We have reached out to Warner Brothers for comment though we have not received a response yet.

Quick Take

Warner Brothers hasn’t had the best of times on PC this past year. While Mortal Kombat X has been problematic, most people think of Warner Bros’ PC presence instantly remember the failure that was Batman: Arkham Knight’s horrendous launch and still broken port. All in all, PC gamers aren’t too happy with Warner as a whole, and this sure won’t improve their opinion in the eyes of computer-based fans of their franchises.

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  • Zepherdog

    Chalk another one to developer/publisher incompetence.

  • Reptile

    Well I’m glad I didn’t bought it. Time to remove from the wishlist.
    This is the second WB game that I give up on buying, the first one was Arkham Knight.
    Thank you WB, you are saving me some money.

  • Professor_Icepick

    Bought this as a pre-order. Totally regret it. Hope Valve wises up and takes this damn piece of garbage off of their store.

  • mrwizeass

    That’s right. Don’t put any fucking effort into releasing a competent product on the largest gaming platform. It’s not like you’re fucking yourself out of money or anything, WB.

  • Galbador

    So instead of trying to fix the damage they’ve done, they bring this garbade out to milk the fans even more. I really think, it is time to end the era of video gaming, because this is really the downfall of it.

  • Casey

    I’ll toss that into the pile of evidence of “why you should never buy WB pc games at launch.”

    I’m so glad that Shadow of Mordor somehow escaped this nonsense. but I simply cannot trust them at all anymore.

  • coboney

    Basically it seems to be: if the developer has PC knowledge and can do it inhouse it will be fine like Shadow of Mordor or Mad Max. If they outsource…. well you end up with MKX or Batman.

  • Rodistar

    It’s funny, if they would just make the online button actually make you play online. This would make the game playable because there would be a lot more content. I would play the game a lot more if they would do that.

  • garf02

    publishers dont care. they already might make enough money from what
    Sony and Microsoft throw at em to bribe em for exclusive content and

    The only reason PC gaming is not the head is cause
    there is not a company throwing $$$$ at em. Imagine if Nvidia or Radeon
    were to do the same. and start to pay for exclusive PC content or timed Exclusivity

  • Next time you see a PC port from Warner Bros, warn a brother.

  • Dying Light also escaped this too; it’s still getting support on PC.

  • Michele

    They are adding dishonesty to the already conclaimed incompetence. And from my point of view Netherlrealms is in this too (they was previously supposed to work on the pc version before it was left to a cheaper developer).

    Anyway I wonder if the XL is an update from the X or is a way to create another product and left behind the old users.

  • eltonBorges

    Frankly, this is really a low point. I can’t say I did like MK X, but I bought it and got the pack too. Now this? Really? WB is attrocious, but Nether is to be blamed to. They will not stand for the PC consumers at all.

  • I avoided MK:X because of the cash shop, I kept avoiding it because of the poor optimization and now this insures that I’ll never buy it and think twice about ever buying another WB game.

  • ghost8818

    WB never again.

  • Casey

    Dying light? Dying light is done by Techland. WB got nothing to do with the game.

  • True, WB only published it.

  • Casey

    According to steam, Techland published Dying Light.
    Maybe it’s different for the consoles, but not the pc version.

  • Yep, Techland published Dying Light for PC according to Steam. Perhaps that’s why Dying Light’s likely not shit.

  • Malin Grant

    they likely dont have a choice as they are in a contract with the publisher. basically the publisher holds too much power over the industry because of hard copys of games. and the developers alone cant cover the cost of the manufacture of the games. things will change with digital distribution. just embrace it.

  • eltonBorges

    I really don’t think digital distribution have anything to do with this situation. I agree this is mostly WB fault. But, the studios are not guilty free, since I believe both Nether and Roackstedy, as examples, should be much more careful about the pc builds. Help the other developers as much as possible. I don’t think the did it. And, if they agreed in a contract that would allow this kind of think to happen, one more sin for them.