PlayStation VR owners will be happy to know that a release date for the stand alone fishing game Monsters of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV has been revealed at Gamescom. This title will have you meeting up with Noctis and his friends to go on an expedition across all of Eos’ most incredible fishing spots. Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV was first revealed during E3 2017.

The game will come with both a story mode as well as a free fishing mode. During the story during your adventures with Noctis you’ll work hard to try to snag as many strange and rare fish as well as experience an “action-packed showdown with a menace that lurks in the depths.” It won’t all be stressful though as the games free fishing mode allows you to experience the sights and sounds of Eos while taking part in different fishing challenges.

Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV will release on the 21st of November for the PSVR and those who preorder the game will get access to a dynamic theme as well as an in-game Samurai Outfit.

It isn’t all good news for Final Fantasy XV VR though as the E3 2016 VR demo featuring Prompto wasn’t canceled but it was explained that it was never intended to be a full release. Wan Hazmer, the Lead Designer for Final Fantasy XV, spoke about this title during PlayStation Experience 2017 South East Asia.

The Prompto Shooting game was actually a showcase back then. It was just to showcase the power of the VR – but we have Monster of the Deep! Can you imagine having a Prompto DLC and also having a Prompto VR. Right? We want to offer something very different for every single entry of Final Fantasy XV.

If you missed all of the other news coming out for Final Fantasy XV during Gamescom then you can read about the upcoming Assassin’s Festival free DLC, the announcement of the Windows Edition, and even an announcement for a Pocket Edition of Final Fantasy XV.

Are you looking forward to going fishing with Noctis and his group? Are you disappointed in this revelation about Prompto’s VR outing? What VR experience in the world of Eos would you most like to experience?

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