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Mirror’s Edge 2 is scheduled to come out early of 2016. The release window has come from a financial earnings presentation PDF. It sets out EA release schedule for the financial year. We also learned a new Plants vs Zombies will arrive at the same time and after skipping a year Need For Speed will be back on consoles and PC.



The new Mirror’s Edge is in development at DICE in Stockholm. It was back in 2013 that the game was first officially announced. Not much has been shown since then with EA and DICE staying relatively quiet about the game. A post on the Mirror’s Edge website a year after the game was announced gave some insight into what DICE was trying to achieve with the game.

Mirror’s Edge is all about fluidity, physicality and movement. We want to make sure we evolve the game and Faith in a way that gives you an exciting new player experience. We want the game to be accessible enough to embrace new players while at the same time reward the skilled player. We are also committed to provide the best 1st person close combat in the world. Advanced combat that is integrated into an improved fluidity of movement. These are not small undertakings, but they are challenges that we are up for.

With the game being a prequel to the first Mirror’s Edge it will probably allow for deeper development of Faith as a character.

It is safe to assume with this release window that EA will have more to show at next months E3 as well as a new Plants vs Zombies and new Need For Speed. It was 2008 the original Mirror’s Edge was released, with the sequel due out early 2016 on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Here is the original reveal trailer from 2013.

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  • Reptile

    Wow, I thought this game was dead.

  • froyton

    I heard rumors that Anita Sarkeesian was a consultant on this game. I wonder if these were true?

  • Brad Sherard

    Articles like the following claim that she was hired as a consultant. I recall that EA has formally made statements to the contrary, denying this is the case:–235992.phtml

  • ArsCortica

    “We are also committed to provide the best 1st person close combat in the
    world. Advanced combat that is integrated into an improved fluidity of

    Oh come on. The one thing I liked most about Mirror`s Edge was that actual combat was largely unnecessary outside of some scripted boss fights. Being able to simply leaving enemies behind you in a cloud of dust was a refreshing feeling in an industry where Call of Battlefied clone #155512 is the norm was extremely refreshing, and now they somehow think making the game combat-first is a good idea?

    Bah, I shouldn`t be surprised really. EA as a publisher has an uncanny talent of fucking up gaming series in the worst possible ways, what not with removing base-building from CnC4 or turning Dungeon Keeper into a shitty “F2P” browser game.

    If there`s wrong thing wrong with gaming, then it`s the fact that these muppets are still in business.

  • LetumComplexo

    Agreed, though from a character development standpoint it would make sense that the largely pacifist Faith was much more open to violent answers to situations in her past than she is in the first game (as evidenced by the intentionally clunky combat mechanics).