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Don’t you love it when the press has an agenda? Yeah, me neither. I do apologize for the delay in getting this episode out, but I’m excited for this episode of the Mind of Micah C. This time around, we’re going to be talking about pre-orders just a smidge, but mostly discussing an article that Ben Kuchera put forth over at Polygon, and the problems I have both with his agenda and his arguments. I also give a bit of backround on Ben, and sources for that background can be found cited below. I hope you enjoy this episode, and keep an eye out for tomorrow’s follow up article!

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Micah Curtis

Micah is a man returning to the fold of video game journalism after a bit of time away. He’s a conservative with a passion for business, and a love for the art of video games. Micah has been gaming since the NES, and knows a bit more about art than he probably should……..

  • Guest

    Good stuff!

  • Richard Drakos

    Great video Micah. It’s very refreshing to hear some stick up for the free market in the gaming world.

  • AgentBJ09

    Having worked at Gamestop in the past, from mid-2008 to early-2011, I can attest to a lot of this. When it comes to the competition point, there was a figure I picked up about where money goes from retail video game sales. If you’ve ever wondered why there is not a business that sells new video games, and only new video games, this is why.

    80% of retail sales go to the publisher.
    10%, if said game is a console release, is the portion taken for the system license.

    1-5% goes to shipping and handling.
    The remaining 5-9% goes to the retail store.

    So, for a $60 title, $48 goes to the publisher, $6 goes to the console manufacturer, .60-$3.00 goes to the shipping company and what’s left goes to the store. About $3.00 to $5.40. That profit margin is why Gamestop sells used games so aggressively, despite being the biggest seller of new games. Were they to become a store that only sells new games, they would barely be able to exist in brick-and-mortar form.

    (The low credit offers I can somewhat sympathize with due to how frugal Gamestop is with taking trade-ins and amassing games that will never sell again in the condition they take them. However, how few used games sell once they’re on the shelves, even in good condition, explains why they do that.)

    As for Aliens: Colonial Marines, I remember the news about that, and because I live not far from where Timegate Studios was housed, that being along Highway 59 in Sugar Land, Texas, seeing them shut down was not pleasant. Hopefully, the staff all find new jobs in gaming.

  • Reptile

    I loved “Unisolated Alienation”, sounds something my father would say when trying to say “Alien Isolation”, as english isn’t our native language.
    Also, great video Micah, keep it up!

  • Alex

    To be fair the pre-orders are a very bad habit we gamers have… look at Batman Arkham Origins or AC:Unity and other titles that have been released unfinished…Companies release products based on trust that they don’t deserve…

  • I don’t like per-order bonuses that offer in game stuff as a bonus. Why can’t they offer a wallpaper or t-shirt or some shit like that. Oh and Alien Isolation is a fantastic game.