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The Mighty No. 9 team announced today that they will be discontinuing the beta on May 20th. So if you’re a backer, you have to act now to get in your last bit of game time before the beta goes away. There is no indication when the beta may return.

This is what they had to say in regards to why:

Speaking of the porting process, we’ve finally gotten to the point where we can’t progress any further with debug and ROM testing while the Steam beta is still running.

This seems like an odd reasoning, as most betas will run for a period of time to only be removed as the game gets ready for launch. Most betas are complementary to the current developer build, constantly being updated to reflect those changes. However, that does not seem to be the case with the Mighty No. 9 beta.

The Mighty No. 9 beta has been going strong for nearly a year now, and its removal may be a puzzle to some. However, with a release date of September 15th, the Mighty No. 9 team may be removing the beta to focus on the final touches these last few months before release.

It is also worthy to note that the team has said this before, with the reasoning being that the beta’s end was due to the upcoming release. But since it was delayed to September of this year, the beta continued. In other words, the team may feel Mighty No. 9 is good to go content-wise and are just doing the final parts.

TechRaptor has reached out for further clarification on the reasoning behind removing the beta but have not received a reply yet. We will update when we do.

Are you surprised to see the beta go? Is it too soon or has the beta been around for quite some time already? If you’ve played the beta, does it seem near enough the point for release a few months from now?

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  • Matthew Dolby

    Sorry, but the Mighty Number 9 team have already burned their bridge with their PR nightmare that was Dina. The game looks like shit anyway.

  • Dr. Evil’s Brother’s Evil Twin

    Very disappointing. Megaman doesn’t deserve this. I just hope Bloodstained can get through without this shit.

  • Matthew Dolby

    The lesson learned here, is don’t hire a Social Justice Warrior as head of your Human Resources Department if she isn’t FUCKING QUALIFIED FOR THE POSITION.

  • DukeMagus

    The game itselg has horrible stage and enemy design… Feels like no one in inti creates heard the fan feedback

  • Dr. Evil’s Brother’s Evil Twin

    Yay for nepotism.

  • Louis

    Passing fan feedback on to the developers was Dina’s job, and we all know how that turned out.

  • Bulkzerker

    Oh she was “qualified”, social science degrees are made for PR. She’s just a miserable person who only feels better when everyone else is miserable with her.

  • Mighty No. 56008

    I’m also confused what the beta was really for.

    If it was for purely for backers to find/report bugs for the dev team to fix….I guess it served its purpose? I personally never ran into any issues myself, so though I am aware that some bugs/glitches were found, I can’t verify if any of them have been fixed.

    But as for any suggestions or criticism regarding how the game looks and plays, practically nothing has changed since the first version of the beta came out in that regard. So the mediocre art direction, forgettable stage themes, uninspired level designs, and the very bland looking HUD (especially the boss’ health meter) are all there untouched. The only visual things I’ve seen changed were some text issues and the added stage select screen…which personally I don’t find that great either.

    At any rate, with the later release date one can only imagine what changes they’ll make for the final version of the game. However with Comcept who gave out a “practically done” statement earlier in the year with screenshots and footage very similar to the quality found in the beta, my expectation are pretty much rock bottom at this point.

  • Niwjere

    Play 20XX. Ignore MN9.

    I backed both games on Kickstarter and watched 20XX do in months what it took MN9 years to do.

    MN9 Kickstarter date: Aug. 31, 2013
    20XX Kickstarter date: Apr. 11, 2014 (you can find it under its original name, Echoes of Eridu)

    MN9 Steam availability date: Sept. 15, 2015
    20XX Steam availability date: Nov. 25, 2014

    The 20XX dev team takes feedback directly and professionally, without using any “community manager” middleman. The game is in Early Access, but don’t let that fool you in this case. It could be released as-is and it’d still be worth more than MN9, if my experience with the latter’s beta is any indication.