Remote Desktop is something that has been around for a very, very long time. Highly utilized by many businesses it allows for access to servers for both systems administrators and for users to access their files remotely, as well as allowing for everyday computer users to access their home machines with the right configuration. In the time of the smartphone, with touchscreens and excellent mobile networks, it was only natural that we would be able to get the same remote access on our phones. There have been a great number of Remote Desktop Apps for iOS and Android, but not one officially made by Microsoft.

Since the app is short, sweet, and to the point, we are going to keep the review the same way. The beauty of the app is that it is free, and allows for as many “favorite” RDP Connections as you want. Most apps, such as PocketCloud from Wyse Technology, are free but only allow for one saved connection, if not other limitations. That’s the tradeoff however, when it comes to free apps that have a paid counterpart.

Microsoft’s RDP Client is as simple as the built in Remote Desktop application in Windows is, allowing you to set as many favorites as you want, and then accessing them with the tap of your finger. Within a few minutes, I had access to my home PC (Look for guide on this soon!), work computer, and work server, and within seconds could be connected to each.

Overall, the interface is simple, if not a bit clunky. Once you are connected to a machine, you can do anything you might need to do. The screen is very small depending on the device you are on, but a quick press on the movement button allows you to move around a zoomed in screen with a slight movement of your finger. You also have access to the on-screen keyboard if you need to type anything.

Microsoft RDP App 2

Here’s the deal. Remote Desktop on a mobile device is always going to be clunky and awkward, as you are relying on touch instead of accessories for the movement and actions. There are a few other apps that work better and more efficiently, such as Pocketcloud, but they will cost you a few dollars. As a free solution, the Microsoft Remote Desktop app is a great alternative if you need access to more than one RDP link at any time. I’ll definitely be using it when I need access to various machines!




As a free solution, the Microsoft Remote Desktop app is a great alternative if you need access to more than one RDP link at any time.

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