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Update: Game Informer was able to talk to Vice President of Publisher and Developer Relations for Sony, Adam Boyes, at GDC about Microsoft’s announcement on cross-network play and he had this to say: 

“For us, it’s not a new thing…If you go back to PS3 days, we had Dust 514 tied into EVE Online. Paragon is PS4/PC cross-play, and so is Street Fighter V. There are a ton of games that have had it. Portal 2 had Steam integration, and we’ve had other games that have allowed you to import your Xbox save content on PlayStation, like Diablo III and Grand Theft Auto V. We’re always open to stuff like that…It’s all about what the developers and publishers want to do. They get in touch with us and handle everything on a case by case basis. I think we have to analyze what the impact is going to be and how the hand-off works…Our publishers know their business very well, so we always want to look at those opportunities.”

Today in a post about [email protected], [email protected] Director Chris Charla has announced Microsoft’s support for cross-network play between Xbox One, PC and potentially the PlayStation 4. It will still be up to developers if they want to enable cross-network play and up to Sony if they want to allow it as well, but Microsoft is officially supporting it. 

Psyonix’s Rocket League has been announced as the first game that will allow Xbox One and PC players to play against each other, as well as “…an open invitation for other networks to participate as well.” This statement puts the ball in Sony’s court as to whether they will allow for cross-platform play between Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This would be a huge development in the video game world if Sony gets on board with cross-network play in games. As of right now cross-network play will  probably only be used mainly by indie games, but the potential for AAA games to use the feature in the future is there. As a nice little bonus concerning cross-play Charla said, “In fact, a little bird told us that tweeting @idarbgame might get you a token to test out cross-play as part of a soft launch now!” 

Charla also announced a few other bits of new information about things going on with [email protected] in his post. MonoGame support will be coming to Xbox One, and the first game to feature it will be Tom Happ’s Axiom Verge. MonoGame will be Microsoft’s solution to allowing Microsoft’s XNA programming framework to be supported on the Xbox One and it will be coming with the help of Tom Spilman and Sickhead Games. This will open up the opportunity for more games to come to the Xbox One in the future, that use the XNA framework. 

Lastly, Charla wrote about continued support for Xbox Game Preview and [email protected] overall. Xbox Game Preview has seen games such as The Long Dark, and Layers of Fear and Microsoft is looking to keep up the support so more games will have the opportunity to utilize the Xbox Game Preview program in the future. He also wrote about wanting to make sure there was a sustainable marketplace for [email protected] games on the Xbox One saying, “We don’t just want to provide a platform to ship games, we want to provide a marketplace where games have the opportunity to sell, so developers can achieve commercial success and keep doing what they love to do – make great games for us to play!” 

What do you think about being able to play against PlayStation 4 players on your Xbox One and vice versa? Do you think Sony will take Microsoft up on their offer? Share your thoughts in the Comments!

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  • GrimFate

    While I have my doubts we will see games cross-platform between Xbox and PS (what’s the incentive for Sony considering they’re winning this generation of consoles?), it would be great. I’m an Xbox-first guy, but my friend who I play COD with is a PS-only guy, so I’m forced to buy for PS.

    Of course, I wonder how they would solve the issue with the possibility of an Xbox user and a PS user with the same username in the same game. Per-developer or per-game accounts seem the obvious solution, but that would suck.

  • James G-e

    Perhaps the usernames would show up as [XBL](User) and [PSN](User), or something similar with a small tag in front of the name.

  • Kyle Downey

    that would definitely be the easiest solution. And as far as Sony’s incentive, I think Microsoft might just be banking on Sony agreeing since it looks like Microsoft is just being super open and friendly about it, which might put Sony in a negative light if they just said no without an actual reason.

  • Reptile

    Well, I think it is possible, Microsoft said “yes”, so it is up to Sony now.
    This way then can make the “Console War” more “real”, see all those kiddies arguing “mine is better” over the internet, now add a game where Xbox fans and PS fans can clash each other, each console having its team. That certainly would be of benefit to both Sony and Microsoft since it would be a golden mine of publicity.

  • GrimFate

    Would be pretty awesome publicity and a historical step for the console industry, but because Sony is doing so well, they probably want to keep their momentum. It’s what big business does; tends to choose profit over everything else. Microsoft probably wouldn’t be doing this if they has the clear lead this generation.

    So, as I see it, because PS4s significantly outnumber XBOs, it makes more sense to choose PS4 to play a game because it has more people and thus more support, and for that reason your friends might be more inclined to choose it too. The more this logic prevails, the wider the gap will grow between the 2 consoles, i.e. the better for Sony. Allowing cross-platform would disrupt this momentum, if only a little; I’m not forced to choose the PS4 for multiplayer games because it doesn’t matter which platform my friends are using.

    Of course, I’m not sure how many people who prefer Xbox will be switching to PS because it’s in first place.

  • If Microsoft can establish themselves as the cross-platform-platform, Sony wouldn’t have a choice but to get into the cross-platform game with Microsoft or not at all.

  • Galbador

    Let me tell you how I see this.

    We live in a world, in which multiplayer is a normality nowadays, but in case of consoles, this is still an unspoken thing; companies won’t share their costumers with other companies but bind them with their products. Now, indie and some big developers want to let people play together on whatever plattform they want and if you asking me, this is the best solution one could get and in the end, the customer is the winner.


    If one company says “no”, their customer will go over to the other company that allows this. It is not a big secret, but we customer tell companies what we want. Sure, we take their ware as they produce, but we won’t accept everything. We have our likes and wishes and if companies try to manipulate us to go their way, we disagree and leave them, showing them that they can’d do this to us.

    So, in conclusion, if Microsoft will allow for upcoming games, that you could play them against PC player or NX player or PS4, this would be great, because this would open the barricades between the console and no one has to buy a specific console just to play with others on multiplayer. The question is, which company will follow? Nintendo or Sony?

    Only time will tell, but the company who disagrees, will have to take the consequence that customers will leave them, because they want the same option as other have. It was always like that and that won’t change. As I said at the begin, we live in an age, in which multiplayer is a normality nowadays.

    I think, it is time to go a step beyond and to quote Ronald Reagan:
    “Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate. Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”

    Sony, Nintendo… it is up to you two to follow this trend and unite all players.

  • Kev Lew

    good to see the potential for co-operation between the peasants, they know better than to put a mouse and keyboard up against controllers in FPS though so that will never happen.

  • RandomDev

    This will only piss off the osn users as they will suffer a disadvantage due to lag.