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UPDATE: After asking Xbox Support via twitter it has been revealed that this deal is only for a limited time so if you think you’ll be needing a top up of Xbox Life Gold then now would be the time to purchase it.


Microsoft has just announced that the cost for Xbox Live Gold will be cut by a third, going from a yearly price of $60 to $40. Xbox Gold is a service for Xbox that allows gamers to take advantage of all of the features of the system and network through a large variety of different extras that are not available to Xbox Silver members.

Xbox Gold membership includes

Complete your experience with great added features for Gold!

As you can see above the Gold membership includes a lot of additional features for Xbox 360 as well as even more features for owners of the Xbox One. If you were to get an Xbox Gold subscription on an Xbox One then all other accounts on your Xbox One would be able to access Gold features due to Home Gold.

One of the biggest features that Gold is giving you is access to the Games with Gold program. Games with Gold is a system where every month there will be an Xbox One game you can download and keep for free, providing your Gold subscription doesn’t lapse, and two free games for the Xbox 360, which you will always be able to access even if your gold subscription terminates. If you wish to see an example of Games with Gold then the March Games with Gold games were just announced.

On top of free games you will also get an even better discount on any games that are on sale, on average Gold subscribers get a further 5-10% off the weekly deals.

This price drop of Xbox Live Gold from $60 to $40 now means that it is $10 cheaper than a year of PlayStation+, PlayStation’s equivalent subscription system. If you wish to purchase this new cheaper Xbox Live Gold then you can head over to the Microsoft Store.

What do you think of Xbox Gold price going down? Will you be more willing to buy it for yourself now that it’s cheaper? Will any of you now be trying Gold for the first time?

Andrew Stretch

Events Coordinator

I have been playing all kinds of games for as long as I can remember with a particular interest in action adventure and platforming titles. While I am primarily an Xbox gamer I also spend a fair bit of time on the PS4 and on my PC in VR.

  • SirBittle

    I approve! Been a member for years and years. I think I have some kind of platinum-super-amazing status on Live. About time they lowered the price.

  • PossiblyCthulhu

    Need to see what the discount will be when rolled out to other countries, here in the UK it’s still £39.99

  • The Robot Devil

    I thought it was only going to go up in price so I bought a bunch of “one year of live” cards at the full price. Now I feel like a rube, but I’m glad the price has gone down.

  • Typical

    Well, since it used to be $50 and they raised it $10 a year or two ago, you’re still only breaking even.

  • yacrest

    So fucking what? It’s still a blatant shameful ripoff for a sub-standard service that goes down more than a cheap whore in a back-alley.

  • DariusQ

    MS must really be feeling the pinch if they’re lowering the cost for Live now. Too bad my subscription renews in October.

  • Like PlayStation Plus, this is still a shameful rip-off.

    Steam for the win, offers all of its features among similar features to PotatoBox One and PotatoStation 4 for one small price and guess what that is? Free. Not to mention that Steam has a variety of games in its library of 500+ exclusives that aren’t just violent games and also backwards compatibility with older games like Deus Ex, DOOM, BioShock, etc. We can even make our own “Definitive Editions” with amazing graphic setups like SweetFX and ENB as well (I prefer SweetFX).

    This move is desperate. Do they think they can get away with lowering the price when PC gaming offers its features for free? I liked the Xbox brand, and I liked the PlayStation brand but Microsoft screwed me and my brother over and Sony’s now screwing people over.

    I will upgrade to Windows 10, and I saw that Fable Legends is going to be free-to-play for PC players but not Xbox One players (latter pays extra) and that pisses me off. Sony and Microsoft should axe their subscription plans because if Valve, CD Projekt RED (Good Old Games) and EA can offer their features free, especially free games; then I don’t get why the fuck MS and Sony would charge for “free online multiplayer” and “free games”.

    Xbox Live Gold can fuck off, and PlayStation Plus can fuck off as well. It’s PC gaming and Nintendo for me, they offer their features free and that’s why I like them.

  • Is this the first time Microsoft is putting Gold on sale? PS+ goes on sale every Christmas.

  • Andrew Stretch

    I see your point of view for a lot of this, there are some features of steam I would enjoy to have while on my Xbox. Now that there is the inclusion of things like Games with Gold or free PS+ titles though I find that the cost of purchasing the subscription is almost immediately worth it when you get back just as much in 2 months. I think I read somewhere that for the year 2014 that all of the Games with Gold games together were around $500 and PlayStation+ was up to $1000

    Fable Legends will also be free for both platforms, not just PC. The additional cost for Xbox would just be the gold subscription price, which i’m assuming a lot would be paying for regardless.

    I’m also not 100% how it works but I believe a lot of the Gold/PS+ money goes into supporting the servers that you have to play the games on whereas in most cases you won’t be playing a Steam game online on a Steam server.

  • Almost, but there’s actually a shitload of free PC games available, and you can see it right here: (tip of the iceberg, you can find more later). Additionally, while X1 and PS4 offer free games; they actually expire if you run out of gold (360 doesn’t, X1, PS3/4 does).

    I don’t really call it free to play for Xbox One if you need to pay a subscription, that’s like giving out free food and charging for it. Also keep in mind that Fable Legends could possibly not use Steam at all but still offer free online, PC gaming has had free online since like… DOOM.

    I thought Steamworks was the thing Steam uses for online multiplayer but you do know that Steam has over sixty servers, right? It wasn’t obtained through “subscription money” and it also helps that Steam’s servers are harder to take down than Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

  • BurntToShreds

    Oh yes, Nintendo offers such an amazing experience. I love how I can seamlessly transfer my account and many games between my syste- oh wait, I can’t. As well, Steam is making a tidy profit off of turning its store into a bizarre metagame filled with seasonal lotteries dependent on people purchasing games they’ll most likely never play, cards, badges, and having to increase a level to enable you to add more friends. Steam is actually the game that Valve has been working on all this time, not HL3.

  • I don’t like Nintendo Network either but you gotta give them credit for giving us free online like Steam.

    Those Steam cards actually made some profit for me, don’t forget you can also sell in-game items too, lol.

    Let’s be realistic, unless you have a Facebook account and make irrational decisions; you obviously don’t have 300+ friends.

    And we all play it, and it’s awesome.

  • BurntToShreds

    “You aren’t going to ever have that many friends” isn’t the issue. The issue is that they are tying such a core component like the friends list to their insane metagame.

    Also, what exactly do you think Microsoft and Sony are spending that money on? Do you think that it’s all the execs pocketing the subscription money? That sub money is probably going towards paying the guys that maintain the infrastructure and towards adding more features. Steam can do that for free because they get a cut of pretty much everything sold on their store. For Sony and MS, they now have to maintain the online infrastructure of two separate consoles, and they aren’t going to be making money hand-over-fist like Steam does with its constant deals and seasonal summer and winter scam- I mean sales events – while the disc-based market is still the most convenient option for many people.

  • I see where you’re coming from, it is kinda nutters.

    Disc-based market, convenient? Ha, if you like having your discs scratched. My Xbox 360 Skyrim disc being damaged is the reason why I got it for the PC.

    Honestly, I think Steam has a good system and I know their events may encourage gambling but still; I understand some people may disagree with Steam’s stuff and with some crap on their store, they could do some quality control (cough Pregnancy, yes; that exists).

    All storefronts are pretty much flawed if you think about it, except for You can do no wrong with DRM-free.