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After all the hub-hub stemming from Sony’s conference focusing on their newest console, Microsoft isn’t wasting any time firing shots across the bow. Albert Penello, senior director of product management and planning at Xbox, had a lot of things to say to IGN about their upcoming ‘Project Scorpio’ console in comparison to the PS4 Pro. 

“I believe that the difference between what we’re going to deliver with Scorpio from a performance perspective and PS4 Pro will be obvious to customers,” Penello stated. “I believe we have the best value this holiday, and I think we’re going to have the most powerful box next year.”

Penello went on to state that Microsoft was feeling ‘very confident’ when they first made their announcement for the Xbox Scorpio, and that after the PS4 Pro announcement they were “more confident today that they were going to have the most powerful console ever made.”

Penello stated that he found it ‘very interesting’ that both Microsoft and Sony ‘arrived’ at a similar conclusion, which he says is due to the changing ‘landscape’ and ‘expectations of gamers. 

I think that console generations are really, really exciting for people, but super disruptive to developers and to customers. And this idea that we’re thinking beyond console generations doesn’t mean that we’re not going to have exciting, new, more powerful hardware.”

Quick Take:

Essentially, the thing to take away from all this is that the gaming console as we know it is dead, and that we have now fully entered the age of pre-packaged PC’s. For a while now, it has been repeatedly stated that this would most likely be the last console generation, and after this summer I’m inclined to agree. There will be new ‘consoles’ in the future, but mostly in the form of hardware upgrades and little else. To summarize, if you want real innovation, head on over to Nintendo. If you want a cheap gaming-focused PC that is powered by a controller, get a Playstation or an Xbox.

What do you think of Microsoft’s Project Scorpio after the PS4 Pro’s anouncement? Let us know in the comments!

Patrick Perrault

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  • Typical

    It can be as powerful as God, but since they STILL can’t release a console without widespread problems that I luckily get to experience, I’ll be skipping it.

  • What happened with Sega was completely different. At the time, the Saturn made as much money as Sega was ever going to see in the West, and they released the Dreamcast to move on from past mistakes and in hopes of becoming profitable again.

    Last I heard, both Sony and Microsoft are doing fine in the gaming realm.

  • NorBdelta

    I could understand if they were to push out a console with current gen tech but this is a joke! They are pushing 6 year old tech as current!

  • How is it a betrayal? Also, what makes you so sure that both companies do not realize what’s going on? Anyone with a slim amount of gaming and tech knowledge knows consoles are going the way of the smartphones, but can you really blame them?

    How else are they suppose to keep up with scary pace at which tech keeps evolving? Also, what are they suppose to do about the rising costs of electronics the older a device gets?

    If anything, I sort of see this as a good thing because we won’t have to constantly bang the gong of wanting backwards compatibility with each new system.

  • ronin4life

    Pretty sure gaiming as an industry is declining YoY for the last several years, MS in paticular are far far behind Sony in hardware sales this gen and dev costs are probably still going up.

    Asking a shrinking market to essentially double down on hardware is a huge money sink and could be a great way to drive even more people further away.

  • ParasiteX

    Most powerful sounds all fun and shit, until we hear the actual final price.

    Somehow i smell a PS3 launch price situation happening here.. and we all know how well that went down..

    Besides, this new console “upgrade” is yet again missing their priorities, and focusing on higher resolutions and graphics fidelity than frame rate.

    30 fps sucks donkey ass.. plain and simpel. Doesn’t matter how many fucking pixels you can manage to cram on the screen. If it cant run at higher than 30fps. Then it’s fucking shit.

  • I guess this really is the last console generation…

  • goodguya

    Well Sony has been losing money for the past few years, it must be said. SoE was a large part of that, supposedly, ergo why they sold it off.

  • Hobo-Tobo

    They cut costs on the new consoles because the last generation was heavily subsidized, with Sony’s Playstation division suffering extreme losses for the first 3-5 years of the PS3 and the Xbox division being not exactly a shareholder favorite either. So with the new generation they went cheap to sell the hardware at a profit, which in turn means the hardware isn’t really something to call home about.

    All this shows to me is that consoles, on top of being plebeian shit and anti-consumer, aren’t financially feasable even with the horrendous pricing of $70+ for a new game and mandatory pay2internet, and should be on their fucking way out.

  • Sarusig Musicman

    Errr… citation needed on that? Every indicator says the gaming industry is absolutely booming, and projections plan for more and more as growing economies get in the fray (you know, small countries like China, Brasil, etc…).

    Or do you mean CONSOLE gaming? Doesn’t matter, it’s growing too, even though their share of the overall games market is shrinking, the market is expanding faster.

  • Scootinfroodie

    “30 fps sucks donkey ass”
    If only consoles could actually reach it consistently

    It’s pretty clear that theres skewed priorities when 1080/60, a standard that ought to have been viable over 10 years ago, is still nowhere near guaranteed on consoles. Running at the standard native resolution and not running like ass should be the baseline.

    Also, while we’re talking framerates, 60 is small-time. 144hz is the “new” hotness

  • Joe Gamer

    “pre-packaged PC’s”
    Welcome to my world noobs! Mwuahahahahaha

  • Joe Gamer

    No aspect of gaming is in decline, except the WiiU…
    Business is weird, even selling a shitload you can still be considered “unprofitable” for not meeting projections which hurts stock prices. Even if you are making money you can still be “not making ENOUGH money” to satisfy the shareholders. “Return on Investment” is the key. When the other portions of sony and microsoft are showing a much higher RoI than their gaming divisions then there is pressure to leave gaming and focus on just the things that make THE MOST MONIES POSSIBLE! There are many intangible and difficult to quantify benefits to staying in gaming though, name recognition, data/demographic mining, diversified risk, Compimentary products and services, the list goes on so I doubt they will ever “leave” gaming but this is their efforts to up the RoI for their gaming divisions but I don’t think it’s going to be effective.

  • ParasiteX

    Indeed. just recently upgraded myself. With Freesync tech.
    But consoles are still limited by TVs which can only manage 60Hz.

  • Scootinfroodie

    God isn’t it just a blessing and a curse though? The picture’s so smooth that it’s a little painful to go back to lower framerates. I used to not notice 30 quite so much

    And aren’t there TVs that can break 60 at this point? I know a lot of sports enthusiasts are jumping on the high fps bandwagon now

  • ParasiteX

    The TVs that generally claim more than 60Hz, just use it as some odd marketing stunt. What they use is a form or interpolation to simulate smoothness.

    Found this lil article that does a better job at explaning it than me

    But essentially it’s a marketing stunt to make their TVs look fancier than they actually are. And it’s not real high refresh rate in the same sense it works on computer monitors.

    In fact the technique has a tendency to produce artifacts in certain scenes.

    I use a similar filter for my computers video player called SVP (Smooth Vision Project) That does pretty much the same thing. It basically generates extra frames in-between normal frames to make it look like it has a higher framerate. It works really well though, and makes movies feel much smoother. But with the drawback of occasional minor artifacts.

  • ParasiteX

    Found a second article that explains more of how this marketing stunt is
    And why TVs just don’t quite compare so well to a real gaming monitor in terms of gaming performance. With proper response times.

    But in the end no matter how many hz your monitor can cram out. The graphics card still needs to be able to keep up and shoot out enough frames to fill your screens refresh rate capability.
    Which is always why i look funny at some CS:GO player who claim they notice a difference when they run the game at 300fps.. despite their screen cant show more than 144fps because of the 144hz refresh..
    But i suspect it has more to do with how the games mouse movements is tied somehow to the framerate.. but it still remains that you cant see more frames per second than what the monitor can manage to display.

  • Revolver Ocelot

    They should be confident in the release date, price tag and lack of exclusives too. Oh wait.

  • ElKonsolero

    Sure but the problem for Sony is here that pretty much every other section of their company besides gaming and BlueRay loses them a ton of money. I would really wish they sell of at least their moviedivision because it sucks ass and could bankrupt the company which is not good for gaming at all of we only have MS or Nintendo to choose from in console gaming.