Metroid: Samus Returns recently released the Nintendo 3DS and is a remake of the Game Boy game Metroid II: Return of Samus. It’s been met with some pretty good reviews, and some are speculating that a post-credits scene at the end of the game may be teasing a remake of Metroid Fusion, the Metroid game that came to the Game Boy Advance.

There are spoilers from the post-credit scene beyond this point.

The post-credits scene shows a Hornoad hop behind something and is then followed by a yellow blob of something. Then the Hornoad jumps out, transformed into a much meaner looking monster. To those familiar with Metroid Fusion, some believe the yellow blob looks awfully similar to the X Parasite, an organism that takes over others to survive. The X Parasite is only seen in Metroid Fusion, where it was featured pretty prominently right from the game’s opening cutscene.

There is a Fusion Mode coming to Samus Returns, so it’s possible the post-credits scene references that, but would Nintendo put a tease for something that relatively minor? Especially when we already knew about it?

Furthermore, we know that someone out there wants to remake Metroid Fusion: MercurySteam, the team that developed Samus Returns. Gameinformer talked with Yoshio Sakamoto, a designer and producer that has worked on nearly every Metroid game in some capacity, about the making of Samus Returns, which included this bit of information:

With all of Nintendo’s internal studios busy with other projects, Sakamoto needed to find a development team that could tackle his dream project. Fortunately, one studio had been pounding on Nintendo’s door with a Metroid pitch. After finishing work on a few Castlevania projects for Konami, the Madrid-based developer MercurySteam pitched Nintendo on the idea of remaking Metroid Fusion – the 2002 GBA title where Samus got infected with a parasitic organism. Sakamoto was impressed with the studio pitch and their love for Metroid. He told them no, they couldn’t remake Metroid Fusion…but he did need their help on another remake.

Does that mean that the game is for sure in the works? No, but considering the response to Samus Returns and that the same development team is very interested in working on a Metroid Fusion remake, maybe the tease at the end of Samus Returns is indeed about a Metroid Fusion remake. Or maybe it’s something included by a team that really wants to make that remake.

What do you think of the potential tease? Would you like to see a Metroid Fusion remake? Let us know in the comments below!

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