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Nintendo has announced today that Metroid Prime: Federation Force, their latest entry to the rather infrequently updated series Metroid, hits shelves this year on August 19th, 2016 for North America and September 2nd, 2016 for European regions. Additionally, it was delayed from a June release in Japan to August 25. A Nintendo 3DS exclusive, this marks the first entry to the Metroid series in six years after 2010’s Metroid: Other M, which received generally mixed reception upon release.

The reason for the staggered release in Europe is currently unknown, however fans who have been long-awaiting Federation Force may be disappointed regardless on account of Nintendo’s assurances of a ‘Spring 2016’ release in North America as well as a ‘Summer 2016’ release in Europe as late as March this year. This may spell further backlash against Nintendo for this addition to the series, given the already troubled reception of Federation Force prior to release.

It is no secret that after 6 years without a new Metroid title, Nintendo’s announcement that they were developing an entry to the series that would not feature the titular heroine Samus Aran was an unwelcome one to existing fans of the series. At current, a petition calling for the outright cancellation of the game – calling the title “disrespectful” and a “disgrace” – stands at over 23,000 signatures, with the game’s E3 2015 trailer having garnered over 86,000 dislikes on YouTube.

Lastly, if you are in Boston this weekend you can try out Metroid Prime: Federation Force at PAX East at the Nintendo Boothe where they will have it available for demo purposes.

Quick Take

Nintendo has been trying to soothe the general public’s reaction to Federation Force ever since the game’s initial announcement at last year’s Nintendo World Championships, however this recent news may spell doom for Federation Force’s commercial viability. While Nintendo appears to be attempting to attract a new audience with the departure of the series’ primary protagonist, the delay of Federation Force to considerably later than expected alongside the staggered release in Europe indicates that Nintendo may be bracing themselves for poor sales, as well as general abandonment from Metroid’s long-time fans.

Are you interested in Metroid Prime: Federation Force? What would they have to show changed to make you interested in this spinoff? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • MusouTensei

    I really couldn’t care less about this game, looks absolutely uninteresting even if it wouldn’t be a Metroid game, which I think it was supposed to be.

  • Sebastian Mikulec

    This isn’t the Metroid game you are looking for.

  • Zepherdog

    Can’t be worse than Other M.

  • Reagan Cox

    To be fair Metroid games have always sold like shit. The first Prime game was the only one that was even a moderate success


    Jesus Buttfucking Christ – what is Nintendo smoking? There hasn’t been a Metroid title in 6 years, and it’s been even longer since we had a Metroid game worth playing…and after all this time, all we get is some lame Call of Duty knockoff?

    Why the fuck call it Metroid if it doesn’t star Samus, or have anything to do with Metroids, Mother Brain, or the Chozo?

    Fuck this shit.

  • FF’s target audience is obviously young kids who aren’t allowed to play CoD, which is actually cute and smart in a way. This game would have been received better had it not been titled Metroid or been announced along side a traditional Metroid game.