The Mercenaries Saga franchise is coming to the Nintendo Switch, with a brand new package containing all three games in the series, titled Mercenaries Saga Chronicles.

Chronicles is being handled by developer CIRCLE Ent, which announced the upcoming release over twitter yesterday morning, stating “Exciting news! Very soon we will release Mercenaries Saga Chronicles on the Switch eShop – the full RPG trilogy on Nintendo hardware for the first time! More details soon… ”

Mercenaries Saga is a series of Turn-based strategy RPGs in the same vein as Tactics Ogre and Final Fantasy Tactics, so much so that many call it a spiritual successor to the latter due to the near identical gameplay style. Originally a mobile-only series by Japanese developer Rideon. The first game was a massive success on iOS devices in Japan, which saw the series grow to include the Nintendo 3DS as an eShop title.

The second game, Order of the Silver Eagle, was released for both iOS and the Nintendo 3DS worldwide, being the first game in the series to be ported to the West. Mercenaries Saga 3: Grey Wolves of War was a 3DS exclusive and released worldwide in 2016.

Mercenaries Saga Chronicles will mark the first time the three games will be available in one package, and the first time the original game will be released outside of Japan.

The games have you control a fledgling mercenary company, fighting tactical battles on a grid-based map. Similar to the Game Boy Advance versions of Final Fantasy Tactics, Mercenaries Saga has you control up to six characters with varying abilities, fighting against sometimes overwhelming odds and using superior tactics to gain the upper hand.

No timetable was given for a release or pricing, but CIRCLE Ent has promised more information soon.

What are your thoughts on this? Looking forward to trying out this series on the Switch? Leave your comments below. 

Robert Grosso

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