Today, in the Mega Man anniversary stream ahead of the 30th anniversary of Mega Man on December 17, Capcom announced that they will be bringing the classic Mega Man X series to all current generation platforms.

This will be the first major rerelease of this series of Megaman titles for current generation platforms and continues Capcom’s promise of further Switch support with the announcement of the release coming to Nintendo Switch. The X series began with the 16bit era of Mega Man and helped it come into the greater visuals and larger levels, which was possible with the improved hardware. It also advanced the story 100 years, taking place well after the first series of games.

There are 8 games in the Mega Man X series, and they will all be on the systems when they release sometime in 2018, as part of Capcom’s plan to celebrate Mega Man‘s 30th year.

Don Parsons

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