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We all know harassment is bad. Harassment is horrible, it’s mean and it’s against what most people stand for. However, I also understand that it’s hard to control yourself when you are upset. When people do horrible things, people often feel justified in being horrible back to them, but I would suggest that this sort of dog piling does nothing to help anyone. You are just left with two horrible people.

Twitter is a public forum. When you write something on there people are allowed to write back to you, and trust me they do. I have written some articles which people didn’t like. I have also said some really horrible things about someone on Twitter, reddit and YouTube. I’m sorry for ever doing so.  Asides from all the horrible tweets, comments and reddit posts about me, someone who is fairly well known in gaming circles wrote an article which mostly attacks TechRaptor and myself. Then several people publicised it, leaving me to cry, a lot, and allowing several people to think it was cool to attack me on Twitter. Thanks.

zoe-quinn-tweet1 Maybe We Should all take a Break from Twitter for a While ...


randi-harper-tweet1 Maybe We Should all take a Break from Twitter for a While ...

However, if you are reading this article, chances are you like me, and you like my work. Thanks that makes you a cool person in my eyes. But I’m not just talking about the people who attack me. There are thousands of accounts on Twitter which get dog piled for their opinions, and that’s not really fair.

Brianna Wu, like myself, is another controversial figure in gaming. While you may not like some of the things she has said, a few days ago her dog passed. This is really terrible, and I’m truly sorry it happened to her. When her dog was sick she was using Twitter. While people may see this as inappropriate, it is in no way a reason to attack her or her family on Twitter. No matter what she has done, being the better person, sending her well wishes in this painful time, makes the world a better place. This does not:

crash-tweets1 Maybe We Should all take a Break from Twitter for a While ...

Nicole He, is the community manager for Kickstarter, said some seemingly racist comments on Twitter, that was not very nice of her. But what was worse than that, is all the awful tweets she received in return that compared her to a Nazi:

nicole-he-tweet-reply1 Maybe We Should all take a Break from Twitter for a While ...

Even if you don’t like someone, or something someone has done, try to not tweet them about it. Try to show some restraint, and just think “Would a mean person do this?” Chances are they just might. I’ve done it myself, I know how hard it is to stop yourself, and if you are like me and find it difficult, maybe we should all just take a break from Twitter for a while.

Georgina Young


British girl, currently in Japan. Surviving on a diet of retro games. Worshiping the god that is the Sega Megadrive. I like Nintendo.

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