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A remastered edition of the Mass Effect games may be on its way according to Game Informer.

Countless game publishers are released remastered editions of their games. Among the more notable releases is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, although it is currently slated to release as a bonus for the deluxe editions of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. EA was one of the largest major publishers of games that didn’t release remastered versions of their previous games.

Game Informer interviewed EA’s Patrick Söderlund last year and all indications were that EA was focusing on making newer titles as opposed to remastering past games. However, a newer interview done at Gamescom indicates that EA’s position may have reversed in the intervening time. Here is the snippet of the new interview that was cited:

Game Informer: One of the things I asked you last year when we sat down at E3 was about Mass Effect. At the time, there were two publishers that hadn’t really dipped into the remaster world: you and Activision. Activision has since released a number of remasters or ports, and now they are working on a full-on remaster for MW. Revisiting this as the last man standing on remasters, has anything changed? Like a Mass Effect trilogy remaster?

Soderlund: What’s changed is that there is proof in the market that people want it, maybe more than there was when we spoke. There were some that did it before, but I think there is even more clear evidence that this is something that people really want. The honest answer is that we are absolutely actively looking at it. I can’t announce anything today, but you can expect us most likely to follow our fellow partners in Activision and other companies that have done this successfully.

Mr. Söderlund hasn’t explicitly confirmed that a remaster of the Mass Effect games is coming. However, his statements seem to indicate that they are more open to the idea of remastering past titles. Additionally, he stated that it was important to consider the timing of releasing a remastered edition as well as the amount of effort put into it.

In the meantime, fans of the series have Mass Effect: Andromeda to look forward to. The title’s absence from Gamescom was explained by Mr. Söderlund as EA focusing on titles expected to release at the end of this year. The release date for Mass Effect: Andromeda has bounced around a bit, but the title is expected to come out at some point in early 2017.

Quick Take

I’ve never touched the Mass Effect games – I just never got around to picking them up. However, a remastered edition of all three games with similar graphics and updates to some of the wonkier gameplay elements in the early titles would probably be a much more enticing purchase. It’d certainly give me a reason to boot up Origin again.

Do you think Mass Effect warrants a remastered edition? What would you like to see in a remastered edition of the Mass Effect games? Would you prefer that they are released one at a time, or would you rather see all three released at once? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Hedger

    I have zero interest in keeping bioware afloat. They have no interest in respecting their customers and insist on pushing politics where they are neither needed or wanted.

    I see this as the last gasp of a dying company. But this has been a long time coming

  • R.J.

    I doubt they’ll remaster Mass Effect any time soon. The first game needs a gameplay overhaul in my opinion, very challenging and time-consuming work.

    I might be interested, I just don’t think it’s likely. What I would be even more interested in would be a new Knights of the Old Republic game which included competently remastered versions of KotOR 1 and KotOR 2. Assuming they were able to squeeze some support out of Disney, it might make such an undertaking less risky than the Mass Effect remaster.

  • Hyrules

    Two words
    “Please, no.”

  • Let BioWare die.

    They were good once, but their time has passed.

  • BrahmsTwiter

    Now with 30% more hate Whitey!

  • Robert Grosso

    Might postpone my streaming plans then for the 360 version….

  • Casey

    I seem to remember Peter Moore of EA saying this: “Remakes, because of who we are, and this broad portfolio of intellectual
    property…you add all that together, I don’t know where we find the
    time to do remakes, […] We’re a company that just likes to push forward.

    Kill yourself, EA. Do the world a favor.

  • palaeomerus

    Whitey, Straity, Manny, and Cissy. TAKEN BY THE REAPERS IT WAS AWFUL OMG.

  • palaeomerus

    It’s extra funny because Peter Moore is in charge of the sports branch w/ Madden and Fifa.

  • palaeomerus

    Kotor used a form of D20 for their Starwars so that might be another problem in a remake licensing sense too, all the way up to Hasbro.

  • I’d love to see all three games remastered if the remastered edition of each game includes:
    – better textures
    – higher resolutions (they go up to 1440p now, so 4k and some 21:9 resolutions) (the interface and text has to scale correctly – nothing stretched)
    – controller support on PC (the code is in the game, they just have to make it a choice in the options menu and implement it properly)
    – all DLC (this wasn’t possible until recently, when most / all the marketing deals expired; for instance, the exclusive ME2 weapon for the PS3, the Blackstorm, is now available free on PC)
    And for the first Mass Effect, a bug-fix for AMD processors (to this day I haven’t been able to experience Ilos with proper shadows)

    Expecting more – like gameplay overhauls or maybe adding back some deleted content – just isn’t realistic imo.

  • Robert Grosso

    Not a bad list.

    Personally I am hoping for most of that, plus some cut content being brought back, such as dialogue moments or the kaiden bisexual route.

  • “Kaiden Bisexual Route” would make for an excellent name for a progressive rock band.