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I’m both gamer and a younger sibling. That, as you would expect, means that when I was a kid I also was the designated Player 2 at every game. No big deal, obviously, but my child brain sometimes processed it as a huge injustice because … reasons, I guess. The only difference was when we would play Super Mario Bros. on the original NES. That was because being the player 2 while playing Mario Bros. meant that I got to play as Luigi. I liked the idea of playing a character with the same name as me (I will leave to your imagination the “Hey, Luigi where’s Mario?” jokes), and I liked the color green, so I was as happy as I could be.

Years later, I’m still very fond of that green plumber that was, at the time, just a reskin of Mario. In time, he developed a life of his own, becoming one of the most recognizable characters of this industry. So recognizable, in fact, that I’m convinced that he’s actually the interesting half of the Mario brotherhood. Maybe it’s the nostalgia talking but bear with me for a while.

What can you say about Mario as a character other than ”he goes around to save Peach all the time”? There’s not a whole lot to say because Mario is as one dimentional as you can get. Of course, Super Mario games are meant to let the gameplay be the focus, but still he’s one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, icons in the videogame industry, and the things that come to mind thinking about him are probably “It’s a me, Mario” and “Mamma mia!”

You glorious bastard, you

You glorious bastard, you.

Now let’s take Luigi. What do you know about him as a character? Many of you probably answered “He’s a wimp!” and you would not be wrong. But he’s a wimp that still gets the job done. Even more, he’s a wimp that is scared of everything and still marches on, despite his fears.

In Luigi’s Mansion he is scared all the time but still gives his best to find Mario going around a house full of ghosts. In Paper Mario you can find notes of his diary talking about the fact that he lives in the shadow of his brother and, despite that, he aims to become a little more like him instead of delving in to jealousy. Also, Mario, it’s not nice reading in someone else’s diary. Shame on you, tsk tsk.

Luigi is an all around well-shaped character, in opposition of his brother that, taken on his own, is as interesting as a Fantastic 4 + Terminator Genisys movie marathon. But it doesn’t stop there.

Luigi is also a better person than his big bro who he looks up to (who is, let’s be honest, kind of a jerk). After all, Mario is a guy that would not think twice of letting Yoshi,one of his best friends, fall in a bottomless pit in order to jump a little higher. Not to mention the time he kidnapped and caged a baby monkey. There’s a Game Theory episode about that, actually.

Luigi does not get enough credit. I am one of those guys that expected more from the year of Luigi a couple of years ago and sure as hell I’m going to remind Nintendo who is the superior Mario brother whenever I’m able.

Who is your favourite Mario brother? What about your favourite Super Mario franchise character in general? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Audie Bakerson

    Luigi also has a maxed out dunk score in NBA Street 3 despite being the second shortest character in the game (only beating his brother) by far.

  • Wisdomcube2000

    I went Full time Luigi after one too many fights over Yoshi in the first Mario Party. Now he has become one of my favorite Mario world characters next to Boo and the Shy Guys.

  • Galbador

    You actually believe Game Theory videos? I feel sorry for you, because this guy has no idea what he is talking about. Mario is neither metal nor evil to his brother. He just fools around with him and tries to protect him, nothing else.

  • I love how all Luigi fanboys regurgitate the typical “I was the younger sibling therefore I like Luigi more” speech followed by attempting to antagonize Mario using that Game Theory video, such originality.

    If you actually played any of the Mario and Luigi RPGs, you would realize that Mario deeply cares for his little bro considering how many times he has bailed him out of trouble. Mario SAVED Luigi from a giant crane in Superstar Saga, Mario HELPED Luigi bypass the Stargate in Partners in Time, and Bowser’s Inside Story has the most touching example: During a certain scene Luigi falls into a pool of mucus and is pulled out by a strange creature known as Princess Lipid, she offers Mario the choice between Luigi or a amazing treasure of everlasting wonder– Do you know what Mario chose? He chose LUIGI over the Treasure(They still get the treasure afterwards, but still.), Mario CARED enough about Luigi that he would gladly choose him over the treasure any day.

    As for Yoshi, Mario does NOT intentionally jump off of him at any point in the game. It’s completely up to the player whether or not they want to do that and I really wish people would stop blaming it on Mario. (Also just a side note but I love how people like you “conveniently” forget that Luigi ALSO can jump off of Yoshi as well.)

    ~Do we accuse Sonic(and co.) of being Chao murderers every time the player makes them kill Chao in Sonic Adventure/Sonic Adventure 2? No.

    ~Do we accuse Samus of being a Sheegoth poacher every time the players makes her trespass into their territory and slaughter them for trying to defend themselves? No.

    ~Do we accuse Kirby of being a cannibal for being forced to eat the seemingly innocent residents of Dreamland? No.

    ~Do we accuse Link of being a thief every time the player makes him trespass in a NPCs house and destroy their pots just to steal their Rupees? No.

    ~Do we accuse Pokemon of endorsing cockfighting? Well PETA does, but we sure don’t.

    So why is it exactly fair to antagonize Mario over something that outside of gameplay, he wouldn’t normally do? In fact, using that same exact logic we can antagonize LUIGI considering some of the Portrait Ghosts in Luigi’s Mansion are practically harmless until Luigi comes in and provokes them. Anyone remember Slim Bankhot? Y’know… that one ghost that was literally just playing a game of billiards by himself until Luigi came in and attacked him. What about Neville? All he was doing was reading a book. Do you not see? You can make just about any protagonist seem like a villain just by rewording in such a way where in sympathizes with the actual villain, but it doesn’t mean it’s actually true.

    And as for personality, Mario actually DOES have (somewhat of) a personality outside of the typical protagonist traits most notably in the spin-off titles. In most Mario RPGs he tends to be more spastic and witty whereas in the Mario vs. Donkey Kong series, he’s more sarcastic and surprisingly more Talkative.(Off topic: But they should really allow Charles Martinet to speak full lines for Mario more often, he’s a very talented voice actor and it saddens me Nintendo doesn’t allow him more freedom outside of the standard fare.)

    I’m just going to wrap this up here since I don’t want this comment to go on for much longer, have a pleasant day and a wonderful weekend.

  • Relic

    LunarTanooki hits the nail on the head, this article feels like a excuse to launch a ad hominem attack on Mario while simultaneously over glorifying the already vastly overrated Luigi.