Earlier today, Wizards of the Coast’s Customer Support sent an email out to all Wizards Account Holders—Wizards Accounts are the identification used at all Wizards of the Coast events, from Dungeons & Dragons to Magic: The Gathering. This email contained a special preview card from their upcoming Magic: The Gathering set Aether Revolt, with the Account Holders getting a first glimpse at the card before other players.

The card that was revealed was Quicksmith Spy, a mono-blue Human Artificer with a casting cost of three generic and one blue mana, and power/toughness of 2/3. When Quicksmith Spy enters the battlefield, it gives target artifact that you control the ability to tap to draw a card for as long as you control Quicksmith Spy.

Quicksmith Spy; Wizards of the Coast, Magic: The Gathering, Aether Revolt

Quicksmith Spy (source: email)

Those familiar with the cards previewed so far will remember that one of the cards leaked on November 29 (and later confirmed on December 5) was called “Quicksmith Rebel.” The similarity in names, converted mana costs, rarity, abilities, and creature types has not been lost on Magic: The Gathering players, with many postulating that there will either be a partial or full “Quicksmith” cycle of Human Artificers in Aether Revolt.

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Quick Take

This honestly looks like a really fun card to play with, and there are a lot of potential “infinite draw” combos that this might work with. If Quicksmith Rebel and Quicksmith Spy are indications of a “Quicksmith” cycle in Aether Revolt, then I’m interested in seeing what Research and Development does with the design space.

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