From Apple devotees to the average computer user, we all want our computers to run faster, jump higher and do better tricks.  While the Mac OS is VERY good at taking care of itself, there are a few things that we can do to help it along.  I have used a few utilities over the years, but the best one I have found so far is MacKeeper from Zeobit software.

At first glance, MacKeeper looks like it is a jack of all trades.  It cleans your system, checks for viruses, and checks for software updates.  If you run into a problem, the paid service for MacKeeper gives you access to Geek On Demand, which will give you the ability to chat with a support technician.  They must have good knowledge since they recently attained a certification from Apple.

The main feature of MacKeeper is their system scan.  It will make sure your Mac is protected against Malware, remove any junk files that have built up over time, and check for any other critical issues with the operating system.  I have found that this works very well with keeping the system cleaned up.  As with any significant change on your Mac, you will be prompted to enter an administrator’s password before any cleaning happens, so there is no way to accidently delete files.

With MacKeeper, Zeobit has also taken on the task of protecting your Mac against viruses and other malware.  Of course, there is not much out there that can hurt a Mac, but one of the best things you can do as a citizen of the internet is make sure you don’t spread the cooties to other computers.  While Windows malware cannot hurt your Mac, you can accidently pass it along to other people.  I personally run a couple of virtual machines on my Mac, so I want to make sure everyone plays nicely.  MacKeeper has done a good job catching the occasional bad file and banishing it the technology wastelands where it belongs.

Now that the majority of Macs sold are Macbooks (pro and air), computer theft is a mounting concern.  Luckily, MacKeeper has you covered there too!  If your Mac is stolen, you can log into the Zeobit web site and report it stolen.  At that point, it will record the IP address and location of your computer every hour, and take a picture with the camera on your mac every 5 minutes.   If my Mac was stolen, I would definitely want to know who took it, and I’m sure the police would have a much easier time tracking it down with this information.

When it comes to the price…I would say that this software is well worth it.

Overall, I am quite impressed with MacKeeper, and I would recommend it for anyone that wants to have added peace of mind when navigating the wilds of the internet.

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Update/Disclaimer: The author has since retracted this advice and does not recommend this software anymore due to critical technical issues.

Mike Sassman

I am a Windows System Administrator, and Apple enthusiast.